No-one likes pathetic people…!


Do you tend to sit around feeling sorry for yourself, because you were not handed a silver spoon in life? If you do please pinch yourself and you will notice that it hurts… the reason being is that this is reality and you need to man up and get over your issues. A bad day is one thing , but a bad ‘every single day’ is unacceptable. Your whiny behavior becomes habitual and you get used to all the attention until your friends cannot take anymore so they stop listening and stop caring. Then you start feeling neglected and that becomes your new issue in life. This should scream great pit of despair.

Ask yourself why your friends do not want to be around you anymore or why you do not get invited to go out… because people can only take so much complaining  before they get gatvol! You know the sound a weed eater makes and how that noise makes you want to scream and gouge out your ears… that’s what you have become; the drone that everyone wants to cut out because they cannot stand it any longer. Some people actually have legitimate reasons to be down, but for some people there is no hope. If life seems to suck here is a method that may help you get over it:

1. Give yourself an allocated amount of time each day to feel sorry for yourself and once the time is up you have to perk up and keep moving forward. You should also give yourself a time frame for this because you cannot feel sorry for yourself for 10 minutes everyday for the rest of your life.

2. Surround yourself with strong, encouraging friends. Instead of pissing your friends off one at a time and being left to mope alone, let your friends be your escape to a good time and just remember we all need a shoulder to cry on.

3. Save up as much money as you can and treat yourself to something you have been wanting to do. When you spend that money on what you want for yourself you HAVE to feel good about it and you cannot complain about it! Forget about what else it could have been spent on and enjoy yourself.

4. Try something new that gets you out the house and meeting new people such as exercise classes. You get a work out, out the house and you get to meet new people. Stay away from anything negative i.e drugs. You are looking for a permanent fix not temporary.

5. Get involved! Try helping out the people or pets in your community, because it is a good deed and helps open your eyes to the real world. You will see how people who live with less often cope better than us spoiled and pampered people. If you have a roof over your head consider yourself spoiled!

6. GET OVER IT! You cannot fixate on issues forever and you will always have issues in your life so learn to deal with them and move on from them.

Does anyone have anything else to offer?



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  1. so with you on this subject! so many blame every body and every thing for their own mistakes… we make our own choices in life. Being happy and put the bad behind is a choice.. 🙂

  2. self pity, besides being selfish, is actually the most annoying this on earth. Being sown is fine, but the entire world does not revolve around whatever is happening in your life

  3. So true! Just yesterday I had myself a lovely little pity-party for one. Made me feel like crap – so decided to just stop the fuck already and move on.

    No one else can make you sucessfull or happy or whatever – only you can! So step up and take responsibility for your life!

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