Social Climbers…!


Have any of your friends ever delayed letting you know if they will be joining you for a get together? Have any oft hem ever said yes and then dropped you the second something ‘better’ has come along? Do any of your friends always arrive late because of prior commitments? Are the people you are being dropped for by your friend a little more high-profile that yourself? DO you have friends who name drop? If you answer yes to these I believe you have a social climber in your midst. That does not mean you should run for cover and never speak to the person again, it just means you should be warned that for the rest of your friendship they will be that way unless you become an important person they can use to ‘social climb’. What is the point of being a social climber you ask? The basic idea is that you are friends with people who have things you want and you weasel your way in until you can get what you want through them. So a social climbers main ambition is not the friendship so much as gaining easy access to the ‘stuff.’ No, it is not the nicest thing in the world, but that is how some people get ahead.

It makes me feel kind of bad for the people who they befriend to get somewhere. They are more like a stepping stone than a friend. You would be amazed at how certain people have mastered the technique of social-climbing and they use it to their advantage. To the people who attract social climbers it does not mean they are not necessarily your friend. Sometimes social climbers may find that they actually like the people they are using and a friendship stems from that. As the person being used you will probably not have a clue about any of these things happening right under your nose. You may find some social climbers who will even date people who have connections and this is where I draw the line. That is tacky and scheming especially because when something better comes along they are more likely to drop you. Once they have what they want they have no use for you, but there are still feelinsg involved.

To all the social climbers out there I do not think it is wrong to want to move on up in life, but it is wrong to use and abuse people along the way. Most of the social climbers are so charming people do not see their intentions until it is too late.Of course not all social climbers are slimy. To all the people being used try to be a little more cautious. If they seem too charming they are too charming! Nothing can keep a social climber when they see something else they want, because you have already been all used up.



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