How to dump your girlfriend?


…This is more like how to piss your girlfriend off and it is not meant to be taken seriously so to all the heavily opinionated people please shut it. I have heard some of the most bizarre reasons why guys break up with their girlfriends to avoid telling the truth, because maybe they think it hurts less. I think telling someone you just do not want to be in a relationship is much nicer than saying ‘you are lazy.’ I know this one guy who told his girlfriend that she got fat and he did not want to be with her anymore, but if she ever lost the weight she should give him a call. Now that is brutal and unnecessary, but what can you do. However you choose to do it I think this video is more like a guide line of what not to do if your manhood means anything to you. Hurting a girl is just asking for a shit storm… Take a look at the video and agree or disagree, it is still funny to watch! If your girlfriend is a complete psycho and she just will not get the message and leave you alone then by all means try these out and tell me how it goes…


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  1. I once told a guy I don’t wana date him anymore & think we should rather have been friends first. LOL LOL
    And then 30minutes later I went to go date th guy I wanted to date.
    VERY bad of me and to this day I wish I was honest with the first guy!

    • So you would have told him you don’t want to date him because there is someone else in mind? Sometimes a little white lie is ok 🙂 to keep someone from getting hurt.. or I don’t know!

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