According to Urbandictionary the term sourpuss refers to someone who ‘get’s up tight about things easily, takes jokes the wrong way.’ I get that there are some jokes that may be out of line, but why over analyze everything and suck every last drop of fun out. There are things in life that you should take seriously and there are other things you should just giggle about. If you feel you fall in to the sensitive category then you should stay away from people in general, because you will spend your life being offended. We all have different beliefs, values and morals so if you disagree just smile and curse in your head. I do it all the time when it comes to jokes I may not agree with. I often don’t even get jokes, but if someone says something off color I get over it, because people make cruel jokes about everything and everyone.

Have a great weekend and try and find the funny… 🙂



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