Forgive and Forget


The term forgiveness, whether you are religious or not, is something we all know about. We all need to forgive and be forgiven at some point in our lives. If you beg for forgiveness the last thing you should do is turn around and throw that in the persons face. If they have the kindness to forgive your mistakes and shortcomings it is really not in your favor to make a mockery of that and at your convenience decide you are not happy with the terms and conditions. If you were in the wrong you should take the forgiveness gracefully and pretty much keep your mouth shut from then on. How many times do you expect people to forgive you? We all make mistakes and we all need to be forgiven in our lives, but there comes a point where people will stop forgiving you and they are not to blame you are.

There is a little saying and it goes something like this ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’ Yes, that is applicable to many different things, but in this case your friends are your support group and they are there to see you through the good and the bad, so why would you want to sabotage your friendships and even more so why would want to throw the forgiveness from your friends who should mean so much to you, down the drain? If you do not want to be forgiven then do not ask for it. Go through life being bitter and scorned then. See how far that gets you. Before you can forgive you have to talk about things and you may hear things you do not want to or that hurt you. If you cannot take honesty from your friends then why bother having friends at all? You can live in your little bubble of self-denial and see how far it gets you in life.

I believe if you forgive someone it is forgive and forget. You never drudge it up again because then you never truly forgave them to begin with you. You put it behind you and you move forward or apart. If they decide to bring it up again then I think you can turn around and give them a piece of your mind for being inconsiderate, ungrateful and plain stupid! Any thoughts???


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  1. Nice article.

    Sounds like you have either been on the receiving end or have forgiven someone who has, as you put it, thrown it in your face.

    People hold onto grudges all to easily I think, we all make mistakes so I think forgiving people and there mistakes is very important. It shows how big you are as a person, I dont think that giving them a piece of your mind is completely necessary. I think it is better for you if you let it go all together – mind you dont let them walk over you, just be the bigger person.

    There is also another aspect to this though, the consequences of those mistakes. I think people think that because they have been forgiven they dont have to deal with the consequences.

    Interesting read though…

    • Well that’s the thing, sometimes we forgive people so easily that they feel so shame in repeating their mistake or taking that forgiveness and being cheeky about it, if that makes sense. They begin ridiculing you behind your back often to their own determent because at the end of the day they are the ones who will end up with no one.
      I am glad you enjoyed the read and I hope it means something to a lot of people..

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