OTT Plastic Surgery…


I honestly think I would freak out if I had to bump in to the cat woman on the street in broad daylight never mind in a dark alley. I would probably think Freddy Kruger has come to get me if it was a dark alley. How can doctors allow this much surgery on someone? Why would you want to have so much surgery you look like exhibit A! We all know exhibit A is not the first nor the last to go over the top with surgery, but why on earth would people want to rearrange their entire appearance only to look like, well look at it! Do you think she knows that the cat woman in Batman wore a mask and did not surgically rearrange her face for the part?

I understand people want to look perfect, like take Heidi Montag

for instance or even Ashlee Simpson, they looked fine before and now they don’t even resemble the way they looked. I hope they realize that no matter what they do their genetics will pass on to their children.

You walk around certain areas and it is a bit of a joke when you look at the surgery the people have had. If people can see you have had surgery then it’s too much. It is not only woman who seem to want to massacre their faces, but men as well. You can only maintain your youth for so long before you start looking like your lips have been stapled to your ears… permanently! There is nothing wrong with a bit of surgery, but when you start fixing every feature on your face you have a problem. If you have a huge nose and it bugs you go for it. If your chin is missing go for it. Maybe it is a Hollywood thing where you need to be absolutely perfect, but what’s the point of natural beauty if everyone looks the same? Look at Cher! The woman does not look real. Jane Fonda has not rearranged her face and she is aging so gracefully. What are your takes on plastic surgery?



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  1. I agree. Everything in moderation: food, drinking AND plastic surgery!

    But many candidates who go for surgery actually do have BDD.

    Yes, it is a hollywood thing. Beauty magazines promote everyone to look the same. No one really promotes self-acceptance and embracing your individual looks.

    There’s beauty in everyone but no one stops to notice & value it.

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