There are some people out there who buy clothes a size or two too small. People… just because you buy a size 10 does not mean you are a size 10! The point of clothes is to flatter you body type not to scrunch your excess fat and let it bubble over your clothes in to an unattractive muffin top. What is the obsession with buying smaller sizes? If you have hips and curves embrace them and compliment them by buying clothes that fit. Just look at the image above! How is that attractive? If you suffer from the muffin top the video link below will not help you get rid of it completely, but it will help firm up and it’s a step in the right direction. If you are too lazy to do that then please purchase a pair of stomach fat holding in body suit type things because no one wants to see your fat hanging merrily over your pants. I am not saying love handles are the devil or that they must go completely. Just try and keep them firm so they do not bulge over. I hope the video helps and it is a GREAT exercise.


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