Career ‘C@#$’ Blocked!


I remember last year having a chat with someone about how he was going the round about way to keep moving forward in his job role, because there was someone holding him back from progressing at work and so I learned about the phrase ‘Career Cock Blocked.’ It has the same basic principles as being cock blocked in general, except it is of course all about work. When it comes to people you either like someone or you don’t. The thing about career cock blocking is that you are actually interfering with someone’s potential and their livelihood as well as holding them back because they threaten you.

People do it for fear of losing their job, being replaced by the more ambitious person or because you just do not like the person and you have influences in higher places. If you work for a company does that not mean you are on the same team? Forget about the cut-throat sales industry, but in most other companies you really are on the same team! So why be malicious and hold someone back? Why not try to prove you are not a waste of space by getting off your butt and working once in a while? A little healthy competition never hurt anyone and you would not fear for the safety of your job if you were actually doing your job better than anyone else could.

Most career cock block situations are very tricky to go around unless you make friends with the right people in the right places. That means you go and you let the people on top know who you are and that you are here to work hard and move on up. Find a way to make yourself indispensable. We all want more money and we all want to climb the corporate ladder. I often find it is the people who get comfortable who suddenly freak out the second someone with an ounce of drive comes in to the mix. It is good to shake things up like that, because to all the business owners out there, people do get comfortable and bored. Also, as a business owner you should take the initiative to build relationships with all your employees if it is possible. How else do you expect to stay on top of things? That means that when it comes to raises and promotions you have a clue about who deserves what and you are not pulling at strings. Also, you should give credit where it is due. There are so many people running businesses who do not have the first clue about managing their staff and keeping them happy. Outsource HR if you must, but do not treat your employees like poop on your shoe.

If anyone has some advice on how to prevent career cock blocking please share so other people know how to not get caught in the same web. Has anyone been career cock blocked before and how did you get out?



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