I know I’m in a relationship!


Have you ever been out with those people who feel the need to remind you that you are in a relationship, because I don’t know, they think you suddenly forgot? I did not realize it was illegal for people in relationships to let down their hair and have some innocent fun? So what if you flirt and flick your hair; if you do not exchange numbers or hook up what is the harm? It let’s you know you still got it and it does not mean you do not love or appreciate your partner! In most cases it will remind you how lucky you are to have your partner. For all the prudes and possessive people I do not know how to address you because there is a reason I do not surround myself with prudes and possessive people. I really do not understand what the big deal is about going out and having fun and meeting new people? If you have half a brain you know where to draw the line and when to drop the I’m unavailable hints. I am not saying you should string along some poor random, but if they lift your ego up a bit then why on earth not enjoy some attention before you let them know you are unavailable?

It is up to the person in the relationship to say ‘I AM IN A RELATIONSHIP.’ I cannot tell you how much it pisses me off when jealous people who cannot stand the fact that you get more attention than them even though they are the single one’s, jump in and yell that you are in a relationship! Sometimes they even finish it off with a ‘but I’m single.’ If the person wanted to talk to you they would have. Should we (us in relationships) tattoo our foreheads so people know we are unavailable? Seriously? Do people have to be so pathetic that they clamber desperately for attention from someone who wasn’t interested in them in the first place? I think it is a legitimate question because not only do you come across desperate, but you are allowing yourself to be second best. On top of all of that it is very annoying and unnecessary.

I know I have a boyfriend and I know the difference between people who are looking out for my best interests and their own. I do not think I have ever felt the need to inform any of my friends in front of random people that they are in a relationship. No matter how it’s done it is none of your businesses. Has this happened to you before? Are you the big, jealous mouth who cannot stand your friends getting attention? Whichever you are how do you deal with that?



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  1. i have a friend that i have to remind she is in a relationship because she doesn’t know where to draw that line. has become so annoying that i just don’t go out with her anymore. if she wants to cheat it’s her baby.

    but agreed. no harm in some innocent flirting, so long as you know where that line is.
    those others must just get over themselves.

    • ha ha ha 🙂 the thing is, is it really your problem if your friend cheats? They have to control themselves, because there is only so much friends can do. It is nice that you care.

  2. I know what you mean. I think it’s mostly a jealousy thing. It hasn’t happened to me in a long time because I also try not to surround myself with those “remember your relationship status” people.

    Some people with a history of bad behaviour do lend themselves to some crit from their friends, but then it should be a privately discussed matter as a thought of concern and not used as social gain in a public situation. That’s tactless and makes both parties involved seem immature.

    Cool post, keep blogging lady 🙂

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