Nose Pickers…


Maybe you think your windows are tinted or you think that people cannot see you in your car while you dig away for diamonds, but just to set the record straight, people can see you. Have you ever seen some people in bumper to bumper traffic digging away hoping to pull out a big, juicy chunk of… GROSE! It is not even as if they are just scratching their noses they are going full steam ahead in the hope of? If you have the awful habit of picking your nose then rather do it in private. Even picking and flicking  is no good. You might as well grab a tissue and blow them bogies out. Judging by the image above digging for snollies is a an instinctive urge. I cannot believe I just said that. Try and control the urge so people do not have to witness it as it is nasty, to put it mildly. For an example of just how nasty this habit is and for you viewing, um… well, for your viewing take a look at the video and tell me how you feel about nose pickers! This is a pretty graphic example of a public nose picker…

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  1. I had the lovely experience of driving in front of a lady who was blissfully digging away in the hopes of uncovering a “golden nugget”. The really gross factor that made me throw up in my mouth a little…..after she retrieved it…….she fucking ate it!!!!

  2. All I have to say is ROLLING OFF THE BED LAUGHING!
    Oh Bronwen! Totally agree! Digging for gold is what you do in the MINE and not in your car LOL!!!!

    I’ll admit. Sometimes while driving, I do it purposely to see the look on people’s faces… But I DON’T dig for gold!!

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