Dropped for C@#$


Girls… this is part of the girl code: Thou shalt not drop thy friends for cock! Now remember that because you could lose many friends because of that. It is one thing being a wing girl and another thing being abandoned so the other person can go and get lucky. Control your urges and have some respect for your friends who have made the effort to go out with you. What is it with theĀ incessant need to hook up with a random guy on a night out? If a guy is nice then go for it, but you do not have to go home with the guy every time or take the guy home! I am not trying to get in the way of your fun, but I have had friends who dropped me for cock and you can ask them, I do not take kindly to being left alone in a club. That is why I always make sure I have a way home when I go out, because people always say they will never drop you like that and then they do it and a world of rubbish excuses flows out their mouth.

I know guys get dropped as well, but that is your battle to fight. The way I would handle being dropped a girl friend is I will not go out with her anymore. You can find another minion to tag along with you if you insist on dropping your friends. I do not care if there is a group of people you are out with and you think it is alright to wonder off every time. Every now and again it is alright, who cares, but if you drop your friends every single time just know they are not happy about it. So if people stop inviting you out it is not because they are jealous, it is because you are no fun to go out with so there is no point having you around. Is it impossible to have fun without hooking up? Are you trying to validate yourself or something? There really are some girls who think it is about jealousy… grow up. Guys are generally pretty easy and I do not mean that in a horrible way, but if you offer them something they do not have to work for you make their lives easier and they come out the champion. So don’t think it’s because you are hot stuff, it’s because YOU ARE EASY!

To all the girls who drop their friends for the penis, I have no sympathy if you do not have any friends left or if they bitch about you behind your back. You kind of deserve it for abandoning them. So do not expect loyalty if that is how you wish to behave. To all the girls who have friends who drop them for the penis, I know how you feel. Fair is fair, do it to them and see how they feel. It is never nice when scenarios reverse and you are the one left sitting in the corner twiddling your thumbs. When you go out this weekend, just remember all of the above and hopefully you will be a little less selfish.



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