It’s a consumers world!


I’m sure most people know that these days what the consumer wants the consumers gets! One thing that has been made easier by Twitter is keeping in touch directly with brands. That means we can compliment them as easily as we can insult them. Some brands would have you think that you don’t have the power but they couldn’t be more wrong…

A brand is built up on peoples needs and wants i.e what the consumers want! You may not realize how your need for something can inspire someone else to create something to satisfy that need. That brings us to something we could all try, which is to be more pro-active not reactive! If you see a need why not be proactive and try and find a solution for that need.

I love the fact that companies no longer dictate what customers want and need. Some marketers and advertisers still know how to make us in to sucked but for the most part it’s all about you… So if you feel the need to complain about quality or service, do it, in reason of course! If you drop something it will chip. That’s your fault not the manufacturers!

How does everyone else feel about it being a consumers world? Does that mean people have run out of ideas and now they depend on us to show them the way?



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  1. interesting article!

    I think that even though a lot of the brands/companies are more at our mercy, they run the world.
    Take a look at the motor industry, car prices continue to be ridiculous all because the consumer is paying the exorbitant pricest they dictate to us…

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