Public displays of Affection.


To all the people who think dry-humping and groping are appropriate ways to behave in front of a mass of people I am here to tell you it is not! We all know how awkward it is when people start fondling each other in front of you and you do not know where to look or what to do. I remember once we were at a family day with parents, this includes my parents, after some cycle race and everyone was just sort of chilling about doing their own thing. The next thing we knew there was this girl who was the same age as me and this guy making out on the couch for all to see. Were her parents there you ask? YES!!! I had my mother and father looking at me gob-smacked and her parents did not bat an eyelid! How can you let your child do that? In front of EVERYONE??? Other people eventually had to ask her parents to tell her to stop. More than once. I am still so weirded out by the whole thing I cannot tell you how much it freaks me out. I do not even want my parents to see me kissing a guy let alone straddling him on the couch in my bikini.

Some things are meant to be private. We get that you come from a ‘naked’ family where things like that are alright because for some unknown reason your parents decided they wanted you to be too open with them. Just appreciate the fact that not everyone is open like that and most people pull away from the ‘making-out’ position when their parents enter a room. It is out of respect for them and for yourself. Your parents do not even have to be in the same province as you for you to not behave like that in public. I was at a function for my year at University and there was this one girl dry humping a guy on the couch to the point where she may just as well be screwing him in front of everyone. You do not do that in a club no matter how drunk you are. Think about it, I will forever remember those girls for being skanky skank ho’s. Just because you do not ride someone in public does not mean you love them any less. It just means you save those things for when you are alone.

Has anyone else ever been faced with that awkward situation? Kissing a guy is one thing, straddling is the deal breaker. Tell us some stories and how you dealt with the ‘awkward turtle’.



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  1. I know what you mean. I don’t mind the kissing thing too much as long as it doesn’t go on for more than, say, 5 minutes. Then you either leave or stop. But anything on top of that is inappropriate. Thursday night there was a couple at one of the places I frequent making out, stroking each other, only pulling away to stare at each other and then they continued. It was mesmerisingly awkward. But ja, eventually, as always, it was just too much in the end.

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