I could think of no better day to write about superstitions than today 🙂 Friday the 13th. I mean there is even a scary movie named after Friday the 13th about a crazy killer, Jason X. For those who are not superstitious it may still be an interesting read about why today is considered a day of bad luck. The fear of Friday the 13th is known as friggatriskaidekaphobia. Do not ask me how to pronounce that, but luckily this is a blog and not a lecture. There are so many websites warning people about Friday the 13th and some of them are an interesting read. There are a few things superstitious people will avoid doing on Friday the 13th. I remember as a child my brother used to tell me that driving in general was not a good thing, but driving in a red car was a no go on that day. Luckily, I never really liked red cars very much. Then I read something about you should never change your sheets on a Friday because you will have bad dreams and that you sohuld never start a journey on a Friday… um???

There are many reasons why Friday the 13th is considered bad luck and it began many many years ago. Just remember that a calendar is man made so we can only blame ourselves for creating a day that many people are afraid of. It is the combination of Friday and the 13th that gets people all riled up. You know there are buildings with no 13th floor, airplanes with no 13th isle, airports with no 13th gate and all that. I believe that Italians never have a 13th House in a street, but you may come across 12 and a half.  Sometimes when you believe in something so strongly you do not realize that you may actually be the cause of everything going wrong. If you are superstitious that is fine, but why let your life and day to day happenings be ruled by them? It is about what you put out in to the universe so if you expect things to go wrong all day then it is more likely they will. Blaming the day of the week is just a little bit silly. If you have the fear then of course be cautious.

Does anyone else have any other superstitions about Friday the 13th? Let’s share these spooky stories and facts because everyone enjoys a little fear every now and again.



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  1. If I am not mistaken 17 is the unlucky number for the Italians, there is generally no gate 17 or isle 17 on their planes etc. The Americans are more fixated on 13.

    I have a very superstitious mother, and today poses a massive problem, it’s the old man’s 60th & it’s Friday the 13th! Going to be a laugh!



    • 17 as well?? I read according to ancient myths and when I studied ancient cultures they also said 13 for religious reasons. There are so many different reasons y.. just by the way, you made the 113th comment on my blog 😉

      I hope your mom makes it through alright.

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