When people try to embarrass you!


You know those people who go out of their way to embarrass you and make you look like a complete idiot in front of other people?

You know… the one’s who will correct you when you say something and then laugh about it or they will laugh first, call you stupid and then correct you? Yes, I do not like those people very much. In fact those are the people I like to watch cry when they have taken down a notch or 10. They obviously had it coming and if they get such enjoyment from embarrassing other people then why can it not be the other way around? Let’s call it what it is, tit for tat!  I have figured out that if you stay firm give them the ‘Why are you even in my presence look’ they tend to back away very quickly. If they do not back away they will say something incredibly stupid and then you can just shake your head and walk away because they have gone and embarrassed themselves. Sometimes you just need to take a nice, big personal dig at them. As soon as you get all giggly and apologetic those bitches and bastards will flatten you in one go!

I really do feel sorry for those people who cannot stand up for themselves and then you get those pathetic vultures who pick on them. Yes, you may like the sound of your voice, but not everyone else wants to hear every lame, stupid, condescending thought you have. I do not even think I need to share an example because I know everyone has some moron they have to put up with who they would rather not speak to at all if they had the choice. If you find people are not amused by your stupid comments and they tend to ignore you more and more then maybe you should try shutting up. It’s just a thought.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on how to deal with these people? Ignoring them does not seem to make them go away or stop. Engaging them gives them an excuse to patronize one more. What are constructive ways to get those people to just ssssssshhhhhhhhh?!



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  1. I’ve met a few in the past – guys, mostly. They’d pick on other guys in college and one of them made a huge deal about the mistake I did. I just snapped at him (because the rest of us have been holding back) and told him off. It’s alright if he was top of the class but he wasn’t even close to that. Then, all of started to ignore him from there onwards… and that was it. Never heard a word from him and he started picking on another group.

    There’s nothing much you can do but to tell them off. Maybe some people don’t have the courage… but you just gotta gather the courage to do so. This is another type of a bully and you gotta put them in their place!

  2. These people have serious issues that require professional counseling.

    Unless you are a professional psychotherapist, it’s best to avoid them like the plague.
    If they are someone who can’t avoid (like a relative), remember to always take the high road, otherwise you both come out looking like an ass.

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