What’s with all the shoes girls?


Shoe shopping is an undeniably, delightful indulgence that you should never expect a woman to explain! It is like taking away ball scratching from a man. Men like to scratch their crotch and many women love to shop for shoes. Ah, how blissful it is sitting here smiling stupidly at the idea of shopping for shoes. Any shoes. You do not even need a special occasion to shop for shoes. My obsession stems back to my mother. She did not understand why I have so many pairs of shoes until I brought up her ‘secret’ stash. She even keeps them in their boxes. Granted, she does not have as many pairs as I do, but still. Mom, it’s all because of you.

You cannot compare finding the perfect pair of shoes to any other kind of shopping. Shoes change the way you stand and walk. They shape your thighs and butt! Shoes can make or break an outfit. I am not saying go out and break the bank for a pair of shoes, because that is just silly. These days you can find many lovely shoes for reasonable prices. Shoes are meant to be fun, not something you would take a loan out for. Flats; pumps; sandals; small, medium or high-heels; peep toes, Mary Janes, ankle boots, thigh-high boots you name it!  There are some people who prefer to stick to flats, because they find high-heels hurt their feet, but pain is beauty. You may even find some shoes that make you feet feel so comfortable you never want to take them off.

I do not like wearing colorful clothing. I admire people who can pull-off color, but I like my clothes safe! The best part about playing it safe with my clothes is that I can get away with funky colored shoes. I do not expect men to understand it and I know there are women out there who are happy with one sturdy pair of shoes that lasts and all I can say is you do not know what you are missing. Each to his own! I accept that not everyone loves shoes, but I do not understand it.

Call it materialistic; call it silly; call it a waste of money if you will, but I think shoes can make you feel just that little bit prettier and can lift your mood if you find the right pair that makes you feel hot then why not indulge? No matter what your body type a pair of shoes will fit you without making you feel fatter. No, I am not saying your happiness depends on a pair of shoes! If something makes you feel sexier and gives you a confidence boost then who cares what everyone else says? I do not feel guilty for loving shoes and wanting them… call it my vice if you will. Feel free to criticize the shoe lovers and tell us that money could be put to better use, but we will not believe you. It is like trying to get a smoker to quit. Any shoes lovers out there have anything to say? Even better, are there any shoe haters who would like to try to knock some sense in to us?



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