You’re grose, but you want someone to love you?


Point taken! You are trying to make a statement by not making an effort with your appearance, because you do not want to fall in to some category of society and be labeled. You think if you don’t wash or cut your hair or if you walk around looking like last weeks trash you won’t have this stereotype hanging over your head. I get grunge, punk, rocker, poppy, athletic, subtle, hippy whatever style you choose, but at least you accept that you conform to something. It really is not that bad to be part of a group of people and try to define yourself within that group. All those lost souls out there screaming for attention by not conforming… get a clue! I am stereotyping of course, because some people are just unhygienic so that’s just nasty, but there are people out there who will go out of their way to not shower or brush their teeth. Another point… there is nothing wrong with braces! What is wrong with straight, perfect teeth? Will they spoil your ‘I don’t give a crap’ image?

The big thing is you get these people who neglect themselves and then still cry for someone to accept them and love them for who they are. My question’s are how do you expect someone else to put up with your revolting habits and why? If you are trying to prove a point that you will not conform and you choose to be nasty then go down alone. You criticize other people for spending time and money on their appearance so surely we can criticize back? I am aware that your appearance has nothing to do with your personality, but isn’t that why people talk about the whole package? No one is asking you to change WHO you are, but washing yourself regularly and throwing on some clean undies, some decent clothes and applying underarm everyday may be a nice, pleasant improvement. I am truly amazed by all the dirty people walking around! Dressing grungy and emo is one thing, Not brushing your teeth and being a pig is a completely different thing.

If you are one of those siff people who cannot understand why no one will accept you with your layer of grime and your stench then I do not feel sorry for you. There is no excuse for being disgusting and it does not cost a fortune to look after yourself. I have met some grubby people in my life and I do not feel feathers to tell them they stink. If I can be told I am a pampered little brat who is self-absorbed because I look after myself then I believe you crusty people out there can be told you stink and look like ass. At least I know when people move out the way for me it is because they are being well-mannered and not trying to escape the smell.


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  1. Too true, I think hygiene is so important, and it’s not that difficult! Jump in the shower, wash your clothes, come on make a small effort! I know a few people who really should read this I’m going to send it to them!

  2. This sounds like a tweet I sent not too long ago. And with that said, I am so with you on this, even though I hate shaving, and brushing my hair, I do bathe. But thanks for this, made some enjoyable reading 🙂

  3. I do agree with you. Appearance shows how much you think of yourself, actually it is a psychological fact really.
    I do feel it’s essential to brush your teeth, floss, shower, shave if showing legs/underarms and put on perfume. I’d say make up too but I’m still learning there.
    Just keep in mind, there are people like myself that don’t have R30 000 to fork out on braces. There’s nothing wrong with perfect, straight teeth, but we can’t all afford that. That doesn’t mean one mustn’t care for one’s teeth.

    Sometimes there’s more than appears to the eye.

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