The Quarter Life Crisis


Many people tend to stick their nose in the air when they hear the phrase ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’ because they do not know how something like that is possible as they never experienced it. For some reason a mid-life crisis is totally acceptable? It is high time people began acknowledging that the quarter-life crisis is real and it happens to more people than you think. It used to be a lot easier for people to do what they really wanted to do and to change to another career path if they wished to, but these days with so many people vying for the same job role, so many people who are better qualified than yourself and have more experience it really is not an option anymore. I would not say not an option, but you can only start from the bottom and work your way up so many times in life.People think getting in to University or college  is the challenge but just so you know, that is the easy part!

If you hit the quarter-life crisis be prepared to ask yourself some tough questions that you do not have the answers to. Just know that you are not alone and there are many people out there asking the same questions. The scariest thing in life must be to hit 50 and to never have tried to do what you wanted to. I know it is a cliché, but I would rather fail than never try. I suppose the people who really hit the quarter-life crisis are the ones who do not have their 5 year or 10 year plan in place. It is not only with regards to your job, but you friends and yourself. So many people follow other people blindly until one day they wake up and say ‘But who am I and what do I like?’ You look at your personal life and wonder if you want to be in a relationship or why you cannot meet someone decent. It is good to reflect on your life take a step back and get a little perspective. Time will just keep ticking by and the only person you can blame is yourself.

For those who think the whole quarter life crisis is a hoax I believe I heard on the news the other day that it is on the rise and those who go through a quarter life crisis are less likely to hit a mid-life crisis. The age people hit a quarter-life crisis is roughly between 24 and 30. Google it, because it is real. Some people do the stupidest things like get married because they think they are at that stage in their life. Some people decide they should start having children. Some people just become so horrible they push people away and eventually have no one! Think about things before you make impulsive decisions like those. I could really go on forever with this topic and it is really important to me because if it was not for my friends, my boyfriend and an amazing support system from my parents I would be wallowing in a pit of despair… but I would like every one else’s opinions on the subject. Do you think it is some post adolescent means of ditching responsibilities or do you believe it is a serious matter? Have you or are you dealing with a quarter-life crisis?


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  1. I like to think then I have been through a quarter life crisis. I’ve been in a few bad friendships and relationship with a family member that made me change myself to th extent that I didn’t know who I was or what made me happy/me. Also struggling to find a job impacted that.

    You really feel lost & as if you have no direction in life.
    This year I took time out & started picking people out my life who were not positive.
    I’ve always had a strong sense of where I’m going & who I am so I just needed to get back to that.
    I also got serious about doing something I love aka making and selling jewelry and the few mosaic requests I get.

    Life is too short to NOT know who you are and what are the things that make you happy. At the end of the day everybody leaves and you’re still gona have to live with yourself and I’d rather be happy me, than grouchy me.

    • That’s great. Positive steps to improving your life and yourself. I like it. And you get to do what you love which is something that tends to make people really happy because it is fulfilling.

  2. Its definitely real. I went through something similar when I turned 18. I’m 24 now, turning 25 in a few months. A couple of months ago I was made redundant. A couple of weeks later it hit me. Panic attacks, feeling detached from reality, questioning everything about everything, from my relationships to life and death. Reading that back to myself, I can see it would be very easy to dismiss me as a melodramatic person.The intensity of what I was feeling was and still is (though more rarely now) the worst part of this.

    I originally felt unable to control what I was feeling, I didn’t know how I would cope. With my money gradually running out, I’d put myself in a position where I felt I had to decide between another meaningless job or starting from scratch, by which I mean college, university, career. I decided to take the latter option. Even then I needed a job to be able to treat myself, take my girlfriend (who I can’t afford to live with) out and just to be able to live guilt free, without depending on my parents (who I still live with as I can’t afford to move out) or my girlfriend.

    I’m still at the beginning of my crisis, and rational moments and thoughts are still few and far between. I’m at least able to look at things a bit more logically now but I know my life is not going to sort itself out. I recognise it’s a process. It’s kind of amazed me how refreshing it has been to write these few paragraphs. Opening up is a lot harder than it used to be. My girlfriend, who is a truly amazing person (she’s not well at the moment but fighting like crazy) is very much a ‘shut up and get on with the job’ kind of person. My social circle’s not what it was and even though I can talk to my friends to a degree, it doesn’t quite feel like it’s enough. Thus the reason why I ended up seeing what I could find on the net.

    I hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel but I’ve got no idea how this will work out. It’s gonna be a struggle if I have to live my life with this mentality.

    Thanks for reading.

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