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Here is an idea… Do not ask random strangers to add you on bbm. I know when people first receive their Blackberry it is a whole new world and then when they discover bbm it becomes a new addiction for them to fix themselves with every two minutes. What happens when you become their every two-minute fix? Do you have any idea how frustrating it is trying to get things done when you have people you have never even met before harassing you on bbm non-stop? I am not complaining I am stating facts. It is really great and convenient to be able to stay in contact with friends and family via bbm or even whatsapp but I have reached the point where I have to ignore certain people because I could not be bothered to respond. That’s right… ignore. It is not to be mean, really. I have a life besides bbm and whatsapp as do most other people out there. I even reached a point where I deleted people because they were just taking up space and I really do not need 200 people on my bbm to prove anything. I do not have 200 contacts nor did I ever have 200 contacts. There are people who probably do.

I know there are people out there who feel that their worth is determined by how many contacts they have on bbm, whatsapp or even by how many friends they have on facebook and to you I say shame. I too am a phone addict, but how can you try to develop any kind of relationship with people if you have hundreds of people you are trying to please daily? As far as developing relationships with people if you are a social mis-fit I am not sure what advice to offer you. Just try to not annoy people too much and try to not invade people’s personal space.

Broadcasting you bbm pin is not an intelligent thing to do. There are weirdo’s out there! If you know of friends who have a blackberry then you should send them a personal message with your bbm pin requesting they add you as a contact. You do not see people broadcasting their contact numbers do you? People should not be such social sluts. Friendships are not having loads of contacts who you never speak to or see.  I am not sure how other people feel about this so please feel free to comment and let me know.



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  1. Well put!

    I agree that too many people — and I think this affects women more then men — get caught up in the numbers race. How many contracts, friend, followers, etc. can they acquire.

    I think it is mostly an ego thing. People fall into this trap because they need external validation of their self worth. I feel sorry for people like that.

    In today’s world technology like the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc. means that we come into “contact” with far more people than in the past and using technology to meet new people is great, but be realistic.

    What you gain in breadth you lose in depth…so focus!

    • I love the last little comment… what you gain in breadth you lose in depth! I hope every one takes that to heart.
      I must say I know plenty of men out there who do the same but you are correct, more women tend to go over board!

  2. Very true. I don’t broadcast my pin coz there are freaks out there. I’m very proud to say that I have 19bbm contacts & chat to them each regularly.
    Facebook I have less than 100 pals & monthly I do a cleanup and delete folks taking up space – those who don’t bother to reply to my messages & stuff.

    If I liked someone on twitter & wanted to chat more regularly to them, I’d ask if I may bbm them and then I’ll personally (NOT publically) send my pin.

    I know privacy is long gone but one can still keep their dignity. Not everything needs to be broadcasted

    • That is too true! Some people publish things on twitter that could be sent via DM instead. Thank you for the comment! I have 28 contacts but most are my friends over seas so it is how we keep in touch.

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