Going out in Groups


I do not know why but going out with more than 5 people always seems to end badly… especially when you are all very strong minded people and you all want to do what you want to do. When I get in to those group situations I tend to shut my mouth unless everyone wants to go some where I really dislike… like Tiger Tiger. If I wanted to go to a kindergarten I would, well go to a kindergarten! You see so many people tend to get so frustrated when things do not go their way when they are with a group of people. Luckily, I have a group of friends and we are so indecisive and so whatever about where we go and we enjoy ourselves wherever we end up! Throw a selfish cow in to the mix and everything is suddenly ruined. The best solution is to boot the moo and keep on having fun without them.

There really are people out there who will be utterly miserable unless you go where they want to go and I used to just keep quiet because fighting about where you want to go seems so futile. Then you find there are times where everyone is so indecisive and someone has to choose and if it is boring or ends badly you will not hear the end of it if was your choice of venue! The only time going out in a big group of people works is if you go to a house party. The reason for that is because it does not close, you can pick the music and if you make sure there is enough to drink no one will have anything to complain about!

We cannot forget about those venue hoppers… I hate going from pub to club to club to pub and club to club, etc. Chill out and enjoy yourself! Just because no one hits on you does not mean we have to go some where else just because you are not the center of attention. Do you know people like that? Do they not irritate you no end? I do not want to pay cover charge at 15 different places in one night just so someone can eventually hook up. No thank you. You can do that on your own. That’s why I always make sure I have a way home because there really are people out there who will ruin an entire evening for an entire group of people.



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  1. I actually know a couple of people like the ones you mentioned above. It annoys me to no end! I hardly go out in groups due to all the bickering, pouting etc. It’s just too much. I love going out with just 2 or 3 of my friends and even if it’s just me and my BFF, we always – ALWAYS – end up having a ball!! We just go with the flow… and not everyone can do that 😉

  2. Most of your posts seem to follow the same pattern. You end up moaning or complaining about something! Why not give us an awesome post on how to get rid of that moo who tags along and wants to go play on the Monkey bars (Tiger, Tiger).
    I still enjoy your writing style though! 🙂

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