He loves me! He loves me not?


Ladies, ladies, ladies! How many of us are guilty of  trying to calculate whether a guy really likes us but plucking petals or working it out on that my name and his name thing I have actually forgotten about? Be honest about it. It does not make you silly or tragic, it just makes you delusional. If a guy likes you there will be no need for silly things like that because you will know. If he does not like you that will not change because you calculate that based on your names he should like you 97% or whatever it is. Also, just because you like his name does not mean he will like you either. If he has a fancy car or a bank balance you like that does not mean you have anything he wants or needs. Now why would that bother you? Why would you want to force someone to be with you just because they may have something you think is important in a relationship? The only thing you could probably force the guy to do is sleep with you because if it’s on offer why would a guy say no?

Is that using you? NO! You are the one who offered it because you wanted to use them for what they had that you liked about them. How does that make the guy a bad person? If more girls would stop being emotional masochists the world would be a happier place. You may wonder how a girl can sit here and write all this and it is because I see it happening all the time. I do not mind being a shoulder to cry on, but when you keep crying about the same thing the pattern starts with Y.O.U. I do not judge people for falling for people who are so wrong for them. I think it is important that guys also have the sense to say ‘This is not serious and I do not want a relationship with you.’ Trust me guys, it will save you the pain and resentment when it all fizzles out.

Say what you like ladies, but you know I’m right. I really do understand the pain of sifting through all the shit before you find Mr Right, but instead of making it a drama series why not have some fun while you are at it?




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  1. Lol – so true! Wow, the more I read your stuff – the more I realise we think alike. Some girls just make things complicated for themselves… and they end up blaming the men or even other women!!

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