MY Day…


I can tell you that I am not very happy that I have to share my birthday was some royal wedding that I was not even invited to, but what can you do right? All I can say is that they chose a great day to get hitched. There are people out there who hate their birthdays and I used to hate mine too. I was always grumpy and miserable on my birthday, but now I have decided that in order to get through turning yet another year older you have to make your birthday an awesome day about you! People think I am ridiculous on my birthday because I wear a tiara and have dress up parties and go out on the town with my friends causing havoc… To all of those people, I put my nose in the air. Stop being so damn boring , dull, pissy and annoying and try and enjoy your life for once instead of being so serious all the time!

I love the calls, emails and text messages from friends and family. I love the food and the attention all day long. I love the presents and how people who care about you go out of their way to make it a special day for you. A birthday is a wonderful thing and I will be celebrating mine KINKY and FABULOUS! I hope you all age gracefully and enjoy every wrinkle you get… all includes me!

The most important thing I can leave you with is DON’T TOUCH THE TIARA! It is off limits and if you want one GET YOUR OWN!



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