There is a difference between being whipped and choosing your battles. Anyone who has been in a relationship for longer than 6 months should know what I am talking about. Some women may be demanding and expect you to do what they want at the drop of a hat, but you should not let them get away with that from the beginning. It is like developing bad relationship habits and it is better to snub these before they sink in and just become convenient habitual behavior. I have seen whipped and let me tell you something… it ain’t pretty! Whipped is needy, clingy, desperate to please and it does not suit anyone! More to the point, why would you want someone to fall over their feet for you in a relationship? Most people automatically think of a guy when they think whipped, but girls can also get horribly whipped!

I remember meeting this one guy and we got on so well and has such a good time together and then by midnight he was freaking out because his girlfriend was laying in to him about being out on the town and not at home with her and her child. He was not the baby daddy, but that’s what happens when you date a girl with a child. They have to be self -less with their child so they expect the same from you, which is pretty much fair. He told me she was the jealous type and she did not stop nagging him and guilt tripping him until he left and went home to her. Um… where do I start? All I can say is WHIPPED! The thing with whipped people is that you can tell them until you are blue that they must stay out with you, but they will not. They will take off without even telling you. If you are whipped you may secretly know that you are but you do not want everyone else to know, but just so you know everyone else probably knew before you… If someone threatens to leave you unless you jump a meter off the ground every time they tell you to I suggest you tell them where to stick it.

Now some people choose their battles. Choosing your battles just means some things you argue about because you won’t just take it lying down and some things are not even worth the  effort of arguing. That sounds healthier, right? Right? If it doesn’t then good luck being whipped for the rest of your life. At some point it may be a good idea to take your nuts out of the nut cracker you have left them in. Has anyone ever been whipped before? Have you had whipped friends who you no longer speak to as a result of it?


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