Post Easter…


With another Easter passed I often wonder to myself if people actually still celebrate Easter or if they celebrate chocolate and public holidays? There is no judgement being passed here, because even I forget why we celebrate what we do and I have to remind myself. It seems that there is so much going on in the world that we forget to sit back and think about why we do or not celebrate or believe in something. I firmly believe in free will. That means each to his own and it really helps to take people with a pinch of salt. The world is so over crowded and conflicted by war, hunger, politics, poverty and much much more that we forget the significance of certain things. We live life so quickly making plans that never materialize and making promises we forget as soon as the words leave our mouths. We are all guilty unless you are the perfect person… if you exist perfect person you will spend your life being disappointed by the rest of us, because we are not perfect!

Unless you are a hermit public holidays are so much better when they are spent with friends or family. In fact most days are better when they are spent with people who make you laugh and who you care about. Whether you are a believer or not you surround yourself with like minded people for a reason. Never take a day spent with people you care about for granted and never leave anywhere with an argument up in the air even if you have to force yourself to say sorry. Savor the time you have because as cliche as it sounds its all you’ve got. To all those who have returned safely after your time away I hope you enjoyed every second and keep on enjoying every second to come.



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