Good Friday


Religion is such a touchy subject and it’s no ones choice but your own to believe in what you want to believe in. The only thing I think is fair is that if you decide to believe do it properly. If there are religious holidays like today where in the catholic religion you are not supposed to eat red meat then don’t. You can’t make your own rules along the way. Last night I was so tempted with chocolate and all I thought was why go through all these weeks of lent to be weak 2 days before I can indulge again? Will power is a great thing and I now I have proven to myself that I have it. Are there any other people who struggled through lent?

If you celebrate Easter I hope it is a wonderful celebration for you. For those who do not I hope the days off are used wisely and enjoyed by all! Do not criticize believers if you are not. These days there is no need to judge others who do not follow the same practices as yourself and Easter is all about forgiveness is it not?! So forgive, forget and be safe on the roads.


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