grow the F&*@ up


When you are 18 it is still alright to behave immaturely, because you are honestly still a child. Yes, there are more mature 18 year olds out there but they are few and far between. What I do not understand is a 27 year old who does not know what interest on a loan is and why you pay interest back on your loan…! I thought these people were a myth, but let me tell you your parents can only spoon feed you for so long and then you kind of need to learn to take care of things yourself. I mean what more do you need with Google around? You have a question, you type it in to Google… all you need is the ability to read. I think my generation suffers from spoon fed behavior. We are so used to people doing things for us that we find it difficult to self-start. As a result of that we are too afraid to do anything we are not told to do… what we also struggle with is how to do things. If we are not given a very specific street map with landmarks drawn to their exact dimensions we get lost for some reason. We do not take risks and chances because our parents have been doing it for us and most of my of us would not know how. Even worse, everything is in our parents names. What about getting a credit history for yourself? You don’t know what that is do you??? And people wonder why there are so many University drop outs in first year…!

Everyone makes mistakes. How else are you supposed to learn? There are nasty people out there who will not have the time and the patience to teach you, but when you find someone who is willing to help you out it is really great to do things on your own and to learn new and different things. Who better to turn to than yourself when you need something done? How do you expect to get ahead in life and business if you never trust yourself enough to make big decisions? It is just a thought. So pull the spoon out your mouth and behave like a grown up! Otherwise go put yourself in a home for pathetic people who suffer from spoon fed behavior and you can all reminisce about how great life was when you were a toddler and everything was done for you.


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    • Unfortunately, there are many people out there who have to learn the hard way. But it is still a decision you and your partner make at themselves of the day and it is never an easy choice if couples do decide to part ways. I just wish more people would be civil about it.

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