We say it’s ok, we mean it’s NOT!


How is this a difficult concept guys? You need to learn to read a womans tone and body language, because you cannot always get exactly what we mean just by what we say. I believe men struggle with that because they think if you say something it is what you mean. That sounds very reasonable and all, but how do you expect us to be passive-aggressive if we tell you everything we expect? We hint, because we want you to figure things out on your own. I suppose hinting means you have obviously not figured something out, but we hope the hints will be picked up and something will materialize from there. For example: Guy: ‘I am going away with the guys this weekend to play poker and drink.’ Girl: ‘Will you be gone the whole weekend? So I won’t see you at all?’ Guy: ‘Yes. I will be back late Sunday. Is that ok with you?’ Girl: ‘That’s fine then. I will just have a weekend to myself.’   Guy: ‘You are sure it’s ok?’ Girl: ‘Why wouldn’t it be.’

GUYS… do you really think it is alright? True, we had the opportunity to say it is not alright when you asked, but that will just make us seem like we are clingy and demanding and no girlfriend really wants to be that girl. So we say it is alright in our own special way that should ring alarm bells in your head saying it is not ok! No one said anything about being reasonable or fair, we just feel that way because we cannot believe you would want to spend a whole weekend away from us. On the other hand if we want to go away for the weekend we do not really care if you are ok with it, we will go anyways and all we ask is that you miss us and call us to make us feel special. Sure we will probably answer the phone and tell our girlfriends you are calling cause you miss us, but what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Most girls have a selection of words they use that should make you think twice. Mine are ‘fine’, ‘ok’ and ‘whatever’.

There is a simple way to deal with our passive-aggressive approach. Make us feel guilty for being passive-aggressive and we will feel bad and reciprocate by telling you to have a good time and just let us know you are there safely and keep your phone charged so we can call. Now you want to know how to make us feel guilty for being so petty? It is not easy, I can tell you that. We all have our own special tools we use to manipulate our partners. The best thing is to make her feel so bad for not being ok with you going away with the guys for a weekend. If you are a cheat I do not blame your partner for not being happy with you going anywhere and that is a whole different ball-game you will have to sort out on your own. You definitely cannot play the ‘Don’t you trust me’ card!

So, basically, we rarely say what we mean and we expect you to decipher our code. Unfortunately, there is no handbook. As frustrating as women are to men; men are to women. Any funny passive-aggressive stories? Are there men out there who have cracked the code?



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