Freedom Of Speech


Please tell me what it is with people who make stupid comments and then stand behind freedom of speech as their only reason for opening their gobs? Freedom of speech is not an excuse to mouth off about nonsensical bullshit and then put your hands up and say you are entitled to say whatever you want to say, because you have freedom of speech. If you really want to make yourself look foolish then that is what you will do. What about thinking before you speak or learning to communicate in an intelligent and articulate manner? Of course it is important to take all points in to consideration when it comes to a debate, especially when the outcome of something will have an impact on many people. You are without a doubt entitled to say whatever you want, but when you look at Julius who evidently has no shit filter and says some of the most absurd things do you really want to fall in to that category? If you want to fall in to that category you should invest in a bell and a board with ‘Look how stupid I am’ written on the front.

I suppose the one good thing about freedom of speech is that you can pick out the socially inept people from those who actually have a fair and reasonable point to make. You do not always have to agree with what someone says, but if you want to disagree that does not mean you should scream and shout contradicting thoughts. Think about why you really disagree. Freedom of speech should not be abused. You should be able to edit your thoughts and opinions yourself before they come out of your mouth and you cannot take them back. Just think about that the next time you feel the need to air an opinion. People these days seem to shrug off the consequences of what they say.

Like everything in life we have the good points and the bad points. No one wants to live in a country where you are not allowed to have an opinion that conflicts with the ideals of the majority. If they did the people would not be fighting back. How do you feel about freedom of speech? Do you think about what you say before you say it?


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  1. Yeah, on the whole I tend to agree with you, however I often do sit eagerly waiting to hear what drivel will pass past our dear friend Julius’ lips. Every village should have an idiot, I think there are a few villages short of idiots because their idiots are working for me, and with all due respect many of the greatest minds of our time where termed idiots in their prime. We once believed earth was flat, imagine trying to grasp the concept of a round planet?

    So yes, think before you open your mouth, but take a moment to consider the unthinkable every now and then. (you can probably take less time considering Julius comments, but you might as well enjoy a chuckle at them)



    • Ah, someone who uses their brain. Thanks for the comment! I agree with you about the village idiot… although it may be a problem when that village idiot is influencing the masses with the rubbish they say.

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