Living GREEN!


Thanks to us and a couple of generations before us we have pretty much screwed up the planet. From felling down rain forests to killing of entire habitats just to support unnecessary lifestyles. Let’s not forget about all the harmful gases we have let up in to the atmosphere that has now destroyed some parts of the ozone layer. You do not have to be a tree hugger to realize things are not looking so good for planet earth. It all starts somewhere and it is not just the planet that is a problem, but society is pretty messed up itself… have you seen some people? They might as well be from Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes with their twisted behavior, because at least we could blame it on radiation poisoning then. What is our excuse now? I am talking about the people who litter, fight, murder, rape, drink copious amounts, who inject themselves with drugs to feel something, etc. I know you all do not need a lecture, but so many people behave like desensitized consumers and we filter out life threatening issues like it’s advertising.  Is it because we see devastation everyday on the news and in films that we have stopped batting an eye lid?

If you have not seen this I suggest you take a look at it and listen to what this girl has to say. Many of us try to make a difference, but we should be doing more than trying. It is true people always say do what I say and not as I do, but we learn from what we see being done. It is as simple as that. All it takes is changing our daily habits and being more aware of how we live our lives. Think of it as a lifestyle diet. What do you think about this? Are you sick of hearing about the planet is danger or are you going to be less selfish and think about how your actions can affect others?



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