Living at home…


With the cost of living these days it is no wonder so many people still live at home. Unless you live with a house full of people or you share a flat with someone, not many people can afford to move out of their parents homes when they first start out. I love my parents, but I could not live with them and I am sure they could not live with me anymore either. I know I am a pain in the ass and I like things my way and my mom likes things her way so it is a constant clash, but I have realized I need to shut my trap when they visit and when she goes I put everything back to how I like it. If you choose to live at home when you can afford a place of your own I have no sympathy for you. I was lucky enough to have to leave home when I was 18 so I have had to learn to do things myself and I would not have it any other way. Going to London was an even bigger step and although I have always had the support of my parents no matter what I do, when you are that far away there is nothing much they can help you with. Lucky does not mean I don’t miss the buggers when they leave after a visit. It’s sad every time they leave and you never get used to it.

Rent is unbelievably expensive and with the pathetic salaries most companies pay I do not blame so many people for staying at home and suffering through their parents nonsense. Aside from rent you have other living expenses that cost a fortune as well (PETROL/DIESEL). The problem is parents need to realize that there comes a point where they need to let go. No one wants to be treated like a child one minute and then like and adult the next. That kind of yo-yo’ing is very confusing and I have had the argument with my parents about it. Is it just me who feels that if you live with your parents and pay rent (even if it is R500 a month) you are entitled to do what you want when you want and you do not have to answer to anyone? Of course you need to have respect for your parents, because it would be the same if you lived with anyone else, but parents cannot and should not just pull out the ‘you live under my roof card’ whenever it suits them. If you want to do that then do not expect the rent at the end of the month. It is still your child, but fair is fair. There are parents out there stricter than mine, but isn’t the point of your home to be the one place you can go to and not have to worry about paying to live there?

Maybe parents charge rent as a way to get their children out of their house? I agree that if you live at home and you are a young adult you should contribute if you are working. Many people take advantage of the comforts of home and that is wrong. If you want your parents to treat you like an adult behave like one, then when the adult/child argument comes up you will have a leg to stand on. I know this topic is very debatable and different people have conflicting opinions. There is no right or wrong way only mine and yours. Another thing is what do you do if you meet someone you like and you want to spend time with them? You always have to go out unless you want them to meet your parents. For girls it is more acceptable to live at home, but if you are a guy it is a little… well you may lose serious ‘cool’ points, for lack of a better word.

Do you still live at home and have to suffer through your parents rubbish? Do you pay rent at home? Do you still live at home even though you could afford to move out? Tell me, tell me., tell me because I think it is an interesting topic and I know people get revved up about it… if you are a parent then share your views on this subject!



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