The Coolest animal!!!


If you have not seen this yet you have to watch it and for the rest of the day you will have the Narwhal song in your head!

Before you go think that these are some made up creature like the unicorn think again! After this little song you have to love them Narwhals because they will put a smile on your face whenever you are feeling a little down. I often catch myself singing the Narwhal song… the groove will get you!

Here is a little more information on these unicorns of the sea:

Narwhals live in the arctic year round and that horn you seen is actually a tusk extending from their upper left jaw. These fanciful creatures can be found in the Canadian Arctic and Greenlandic waters. Males weight up to 1600 kilograms and females weigh in around 1000 kilograms. Although, both the male and female Narwhals have tusks they differ in length. If you think the tusks are just for show the males often rub their tusks together and that is commonly referred to as tusking. It is all about showing who the dominant male is. A fun little fact is that Narwhals are known for making the deepest dives ever done by a marine mammal.

If there are other animals out there that not many people know about then pleas share. Hopefully they will also have a nice little tune so you never forget them!



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