What are you looking at?


What is it with people who stare? As far as I know it’s rude to gawk at someone and it is even ruder to take a photo of someone when they do not know the photo is being taken. I do not know what it is with some people, but that is not just bordering on creepy, it is creepy… and invasive and just wrong on too many levels! I remember sitting on the train once in London and this guy took his phone out and pretended he was on his phone until I heard the click of the camera I didn’t think anything of it. I eventually got him to admit that he had taken a sneaky, sneaky photo of me and I made him delete it and show me he had deleted it. I do not know what he is going to do with that photo! I am sure you get weird girls who do it as well. It really is down right rude to stare at anyone! Do you think a person in a wheelchair does not know they are in a wheelchair or that someone with a deformity does not know they have the deformity? There is no need to make them feel any worse about it or make someone feel uncomfortable by staring at them. Some people even point. I lived in a small town and I have seen people point and then whisper. Why bother with the whispering if you have pointed right at the subject of your conversation? To be polite?

You even get people who take staring to the next level. They will go up to someone with a disability and ask them what happened to them. Are you for real? Does it cross your tiny mind that it is none of your business and that is so out of line? If some one is covered in tattoo’s and piercings with multi colored hair then they are asking for people to stare at them, but what about the rest of us? You get those bitchy groups of girls that give you a stare down as well sometimes! What is wrong with them? Just because someone is more attractive than you or can pull of a serious tiny hot dress does not mean you need to glare at them with those jealous eyes for the rest of the evening. Get over it!

Girls, you will know what I am talking about with this one… creepy, old men! They wink and smile and think they can come up to you and talk to you and heaven forbid flirt with you, but the thing that makes them über creepy is that they probably have daughters your age and they are old enough to be your father. Maybe there are certain places out there where older men go to meet younger women, but a restaurant is not it. You keep your eyes to yourself and don’t go flashing smiles at younger girls and freaking them out! I am not sure how is works with cougars so if there are guys out there who have any experience with this, please share! I can imagine that cougars like to stare longingly at their prey sucking them in to their warped little fantasy worlds.

What’s the moral of the story… DON”T STARE AT PEOPLE BECAUSE IT’S RUDE!!!



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  1. Do a female equivalent of what I do when I am stared at by young females – I take my dick out of the bowl of custard I usually walk about with it in and let them have a RFALLY good look at it.

    Mind you my way can have its drawbacks – and when the Judge asked me why I walked about like that I didnt think there was much point explaining about our shared hatred of being stared at, I didnt think he would be very interested so instead I just said “because I was just f–king disgusted” and i think I pronounced it “dis’custard.”

    Have a lovely day !

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