Overhearing Conversations…


Some people talk very loudly and they do not necessarily have to have any alcohol in their system to encourage them. I do not know about everyone else, but sometimes you overhear things you wish you hadn’t and other times you overhear things that you wish you had found out sooner. Why do people feel the need to share their private conversation with a whole bunch of strangers? This is not just with regards to mobile phone conversations but also conversations between groups of people. If the signal is bad on your mobile phone all you have to do is take the call later or move some where that is not in the middle of a busy area where random strangers can overhear everything you say. There really is no need to have a conversation on your mobile phone in front of a whole bunch of people. The same goes for people who answer a call at the table, you are more than welcome to take your call but why must you have a loud conversation in front of everyone when you can excuse yourself and go to where no one else is. When it comes to being in groups and talking exceptionally loudly if you did not know there is this magical thing called speaking softly… whispering is rude, talking softly is just being polite so you do not yell your conversation across a room.

The last way you want to find something out is when people don’t know you are there, but then they have this full on loud conversation that you cannot help overhearing even if you hummed a tune to block it out. Sometimes you overhear things about people you know and other times you overhear things about yourself. Either way what the heck do you do with that information? Girls are so guilty of this! We think we are having a conversation at normal levels but play the conversation back and you probably do not need a megaphone… EVER! When we were on holiday I remember I was so annoyed with the Americans around us because they spoke so loudly. We would sit there and it was as if they were at the table with us. I do not know if it is just their accents that makes their voices stand out or if they yell instead of speak, but all I know is that you could catch every word within a 100m radius of them. Then my dad then told me my friend and I were no better, but I think he just said that to annoy me, because we complained about it so much.

Keep your conversations private. Unless you are planning on sharing all of the information with everyone. The receiver is on the phone and not on a satellite in space. Technology has progressed so just remember  it can pick up what you are saying without you having to yell in to it and I am sure the person on the line can hear you. What about those people who take calls in the middle of a conversation and have the nerve to ask you to keep it down while they yell a little info back and forth? You answered the call, you can move your butt somewhere else if it is too noisy. Do not try to scream over the noise and block your ear trying to make a point that everyone is so loud. I do not know how everyone else feels about that, but I personally do not care.

Have you ever walked past someone and thought ‘turn it down a notch or 10?’ Have you ever overheard people talking about you or someone you know and do you say something back to them or do you just ignore it? Have you ever wanted to take someone’s mobile phone while they are busy yelling in to the receiver and shove it up their….? Or wait, are you the dreaded loud speaker everyone avoids?



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