Misdirected Rage


You know you are angry about something, but you have not figured out what it is and why it is making you so mad so you do the most rational thing you can think of; you fight with the people closest to you. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to have a reason to fight even if it is a lame and silly reason, you still have one.  Sometimes people put up their defenses, because they suddenly have this  nuts idea in their head that everyone is out to get them when of course no one is, because you only wish you were important enough for everyone to care. The last thing you should do when you are feeling that angry and vulnerable is take it out on the people who actually care about you. If you have a legitimate reason to fight with someone then go for it. Of course some people’s ideas of legitimate are just plain absurd, but let’s pretend we are not dealing with a total nut case. Yes, if you lash out for stupid reasons people may begin to think you are mentally disturbed. Let me be more gentle, mentally unstable.

We all get angry, we all get annoyed and we all want to blame someone else for how we feel. We need an outlet for the rage and if some poor bastard happens to accidentally trigger your rage wire at the wrong time, well then they will either endure it or tell you to bugger off. A good friend or partner will let you scream and rant until you get it out of your system, but not everyone is like that. Sometimes you will say something really hurtful and you cross a line with your friend. Not everyone is forgiving so just remember that the next time you explode for no reason. Alcohol is a depressant people. It helps drown the sorrows and you may have a nice session of dronk verdriet. A good drunken cry is good, but it does not mean you have dealt with anything because more often than not you will wake up and you won’t even remember the night before let alone the incoherent sobs.

Even your closest friends and family can only take so much of your whining, bitching and uncalled for random outbursts. People stop caring that you are sinking in to a black, pit of despair. That is not them trying to hurt you, but would you honestly want to be around someone who constantly rages at you for no reason and makes up the most ludicrous excuses for that rage? I did not think so. We all get angry, we all have our own issues to deal with and we accept that it may take a week or two for people to sort themselves out. the problem with mis-directed rage is that you focus so intensely on the anger that you take yourself down even further. You should allow yourself to be angry or sad for a day or two and from then on you start focusing on the good things in your life. If you look hard enough you will find them. Don’t tell yourself there is no good or no hope, because that is counter-productive. If you want to be that person then go ahead and let your rage consume you.

Lashing out will not make things right and especially not lashing out at the people who do not deserve it. Get a grip, pull yourself together and YOU make the effort to better things for yourself. If this blog does not help you man up take a look at this video… 



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