Human Right’s Day…!


Although, I am South African I grew up in Namibia so my history of South Africa is pretty shoddy. Most of what I remember about South African history comes from my standard one knowledge bank… so not much. As terrible as it is to admit I have had to learn the whole South African Anthem from scratch since moving back here. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to stand there while everyone who you have insisted you are South African to watches you try and hum the National Anthem? Give me the Namibian Anthem and I will hit those high notes. If you think that’s bad, what about the people grew up here, still live here and still have no clue why we celebrate what public holidays and only sing their language section of the National Anthem? You think I am joking… when we hear the word public holiday most of us think another day to sleep in late and have a piss-up the night before. It does not matter if that is what you choose to do, because in a way many public holidays in South Africa are lost on a portion of South Africans purely because they do not care who did what on that day. That does not include Christmas for all those smart asses out there! With regards to singing only your language section of the National Anthem, what a way to be a part of this wonderful ‘rainbow nation.’

Whatever you choose to do today try not to dwell on what was, but rather think of what could be. The only reason you should ever look back is to avoid making the same mistake twice. The road to disaster may be paved differently each time, but the end result remains the same. I hope everyone has a great day off and give thanks where it is due.



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