Breaking up via text message…


People lack the balls to do many things face to face these days. Even a phone call is better than a text message. Of course in some situations some people (psycho’s specifically) need to be avoided in times of intense emotional stress, which can be brought on by a break-up, but still a phone call is better. If the person starts raging you can just hang up! When you break-up with someone you should allow them the opportunity to get some things off their chest as well otherwise they are left with questions hanging in the air and that is not fair. Personally, I do not have time for those sissies who are afraid of confrontation. You might as well live in a box and keep to yourself, because life is full of confrontation and if you cannot stand the heat then you are not worth the energy. Seriously, grow a pair! It may be funny to get someone else to do your dirty work for you, but I can promise you the last laugh will be at you. How lame do you have to be to get someone else to break up with your partner for you? It is one thing having your friends around for support and another thing entirely when you ask a friend to break-up with someone for you. I will admit that face to face is very intimidating, but via text message is just pitiful.

I remember being broken up with over the phone. Other relationships kind of fizzled out or I would get bored and ignore the other person (I know, what a thoughtless cow), but then that one guy came along and ripped my heart out over the phone! The only reason was because he wanted to go to Plett-rage and mess around and then afterwards he was all let’s get back together. Please, shame on you if you fool me once and shame on me if you fool me twice. Who am I kidding, I was heart-broken, bot not seeing him was better. Then I went overseas and got over it and had an awesome time! I think it bugged him more than I was not pining over him when I saw him, but instead getting on with my life. To be fair,  at least it wasn’t a text message. I do not care how much air time costs. The thing with a text message is you read it over and over and over again. The best thing to do is delete it and never talk to the pathetic excuse for a human being again! Some people even break-up with their partners over a voice message. That is just cruel. No, that never happened to me.

Do people think that it is a big joke or is it that you are so afraid of having to deal with the other persons emotions over the whole thing that you would rather text them and avoid going through the motions? I think it’s a tad selfish, but like I said, psycho’s excluded. There are some people who you do not want to be around on a good day never mind a break-up! If you have cruel stories about breaking someones heart over text message or voice mail you should be ashamed. Karma is one big bitch and what you put out there is what you will get back. Has anything like this ever happened to you?

How do you feel about people who break-up with someone over text message or voice mail or email?


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