You have a problem with me tweeting?


I understand it is not easy to have a conversation with someone who stares at their phone the whole time. I know how rude it is, because believe it or not I have friends who are worse on their phones that I am. I do try to not sit on my phone the whole time I am out with people, but you know what, if I am not busy with a conversation and I look at my phone for a minute or two I think the rest of the people can shut-up and deal with it! It is not as though I sit and have a conversation with you while I stare at my phone.. and I know people who do that and I know I am nowhere near that bad. If you see I am busy give me a minute and then start talking to me. If I can have a conversation while I am on my phone be impressed with my multi-tasking! I am not saying you should let twitter or bbm interfere with your relationships or friendships or anything like that, but I think people who constantly attack people for being on their phones also need to lay off a bit. Sometimes you make the whole thing seem worse than w and sometimes you are justified.

It is kind of sad that you are out with people and you sit there on your phone messaging the whole time and I do think that people who are phone addicts need to be aware of their phone habits and try to keep them under control. You should not start tweeting or answer a bbm while you are having a conversation. Have some respect for your friends when you are out. In the same breath, what about all the annoying things other people do? I am not a smoker, but do I go on and on about people who take smoke breaks while you are eating out? NO! I let you go and smoke your death stick in peace so why not let me take a look at my phone without eyeballing me or kicking me under the table to make a point? Should we now excuse ourselves from the table to take a look at our mobile phones? Like I said, everything in moderation. If you take 6 smoke breaks surely I should be allowed to look at my phone? You do not even have to get up from the table to do that! As long as I do not look at my phone every 2 seconds (which may I add is extremely rude and if you do it you should really try to stop it) then back off and just get used to it. Do not bring up the argument that we uhat it really issed to get on just fine without mobile phones… Blah blah blah!

People who do not have twitter do not understand that it is a constant flow on information. Yes, sometimes it is silly banter, but for the most part there are actually interesting facts being shared. With twitter sometimes you check it to see what’s going on, just out of curiosity! You may be out and need to know something about sports or the weather or latest developments on something you are following closely and your twitter buddies will be the first to help you. People who message you can wait for an answer, because unfortunately, the sad fact is that with mobile phones these days people can get hold of you whenever and we are all entitled to a break. I am sure your friends will understand when you do not reply to them immediately. Apparently, 41% of adults in South Africa have access to a mobile phone. I wonder if that includes stolen mobiles as well?

I really do get the frustration of dealing with someone who cannot put their mobile phone down and I know how it feels to be eye-balled while on your phone. It’s funny how when it’s a call people do not mind, but do not dare think of picking your phone up to text, bbm or tweet! People are so fickle and full of nonsense these days that it is easier to turn to your phone and chat to people who do not give you so much admin and grief. Phone haters, please explain the frustration you feel so we can all have a better understanding. I am not saying it will change phone addicts but it may well get us thinking about our mobile phone manner…



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  1. I totally get what you are saying!!!
    I got involved in a conversation yesterday where these two women were crapping on young people for always being on their phones. And I got the hairy eyeball because I had my phone out. I felt so guilty. Then I realised I had my phone out and was busy upgrading something when the conversation started and they had interrupted me while I was busy on my phone.
    And somehow I was doing something wrong!

    • People are so quick to point out things they feel other people are doing wrong, but what about the things they do that annoy people? They interrupted what you were doing so they are the ones who should shush up! It really drives me nuts.. as you can see lol!

  2. Interesting piece of blog. Something I can relate to – in a way. I don’t have a problem with people checking their phones every now and then. However, I have a problem with those who are constantly checking their phones every friggin’ minute and texting/tweeting/Facebooking whilst having conversation. You (general YOU) want to hang out with me, call me up to make plans and then when we are out… you’re having text-convo with other people?! ‘Sighs’. Don’t get me started with smokers… sheeessh. Anyway, this is a topic that I’ll be sure to write about on my blog as I have been meaning to but been so busy!! Thanks for a good read, sweets!

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