Your food is CRAP!


I just come here for the ambiance. The food's lousy so ordered a pizza to be delivered.

So you get ready for an awesome meal out with your mates. You get there and you have heard such good things about the restaurant you are at so you expect things to be spectacular… and then you wait… 10/ 15 minutes pass and you still have not had your drinks order taken. You start getting a bit annoyed until finally someone arrives to take your drinks order. So you order your drinks and you are starting to get pretty damn thirsty and then finally they arrive. You are drinking now so you forget about the time in between… you socialize and have a good laugh until you realise you still have not given your food order. The waiter/waitress finally arrives just before you are about to get up and rage. You have had nearly an hour to decide what you want so the order is placed pretty quickly. Now comes the wait you are not going to stand for.

After 45 minutes you feel it’s about time to ask where your food is. Yes, you have a had some good conversation in the mean while, but you can feel you are starting to get a tad snackish. So,up you get to find someone who knows anything about your food. You are starting to get drunk because the drinks are flowing, but you cannot even smell the food. You eventually find someone who says to you ‘it is nearly ready.’ Really? Is it really nearly ready or do waiter’s just say it to keep you happy and quiet? Rather say you will find out than lie like that to your customers face. Do you want your tip? 15 minutes after that they eventually bring the additional spices and sauces. Now you think the food is just about ready to be served. How wrong could you be? You start eating the garlic just to fill the gap! Then the most annoying thing happens… people’s food starts arriving in drips and drabs. Some people have hot food, others have luke warm food and some people’s food feels as though it has been in the fridge. Now you are ready to kick some serious ass. I do not know how other people feel about this, but I do not think there is anything wrong with my money.

There is still a civilized way to go about handling this. There is no need to attack your waiter and go ballistic. Being polite will get you a lot further in life. The excuse ‘The kitchen is not coping’ is not my problem. Do not cater for more people than your kitchen can handle and don’t tell me that when a table of people arrived there after me and left before me! People listen to what their friends have to say so if your service is crap don’t expect them to refer people to you. Ever heard of Hello Peter you fools? I tend to reach my boiling point and then I call the manager. I am never rude, I just explain how unpleasant things have been. As a manager the last thing you should ask is ‘What would you like me to do?’ YOU SHOULD HAVE A SERVICE RECOVERY PROCESS IN PLACE! You offer your customers the options you have, because asking what they want you to do make makes you look incompetent.

I know many people have had terrible experiences in restaurants and at the same time I know there are unreasonable customers out there as well. How do people deal with bad service these days? I would like to know the approach different people take to make their point. Also, what do you expect a restaurant to do when things go wrong? All I can say is that if I wanted a crappy meal I would have cooked for myself.



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