Pick-up lines from a mans point of view…


I received some feedback on my ‘Pick-up lines should NEVER work’ blog and one guy in  particular gave me a lot of trouble for saying pick-up lines are stupid. Apparently, when used properly they can be very effective, but I still think they are lame and a waste of time. So I asked him to answer a whole load of questions for me about picking up girls and the extent to which some guys will go to just to pull. I made a few comments on a few points in brackets but I will leave it up to you to make up your mind on this touchy subject. So here is the uncensored version…

Name: @QQLESSPLZ Age: 23 Location: JHB (Need we say more?)

Let’s ease in to things here… Tell us, do you go out with the intention of hooking up?

No, it’s not that I go out literally looking for someone to make me breakfast the next morning but I do indeed find it rather fun breaking up a “set” or more and seeing how I can do on any given night.

What is it about a girl that will attract you?

Of course I am into a girl looking good but I look for a girl having a good time and smiling. It simply makes her more approachable.

Tell us some of the tricks of the trade?

Now that would be giving away my secrets 😉 Ok all jokes aside yes I have watched ‘The Pick-up Artist’ and read ‘The Game’ a few times. (You see these things are rubbing off on people! I told you all!) Although the material that these guys use doesn’t always work on a typical South African girl; I know from first hand experience. You need to come up with something original that works to your personality. I have seen some of my friends try lines that I am sure are a home run when I say them but they crash and burn when they use them. As my mother always used to say , “Its not what you say , Its how you say it.” (Sometimes, it’s just what you say i.e a lame pick-up line.)

You had some issues with my ‘Pick-up lines should NEVER work’ blog. Please explain using examples?

Pick-up lines don’t work, EVER (Like I said). But a Pick-up Method (That’s just a fancy twist of words.) does work, and works very well indeed. As you mentioned that various pickup lines have been used on you where you just laughable. It’s all about how you say it (You mean you can make the tequila pick-up line work???). I have blatantly hit on girls in front of their boyfriends and have yet to be lambasted by the oh so many gym bunnies prowling the nightclub scene in JHB (There are loads of massive douche bags in JHB). Guys find something that works for you and use it, don’t take what Mystery and Neil Strauss say and use exactly that because it wont work. I tried that and saw bat many times!

Do you think girls are a bit too easy these days?

I find girls very easy these days, but that’s not always the case. If it was , you would see many more guys trying their luck (They should because girls have become very trampy). The game is indeed useful, for me that is.

Sum up a night out for us please? Without the drunken, disorderly behavior towards the end.

Good people , many caramel vodkas and hitting on many poor innocent girls with no idea what is about to happen to them. Well it depends on the setting: a bar type setting where I’m just there to chat with mates isn’t really my ideal setting to chat up girls because often they are there just to have fun with their friends (Please spread this around because many more morons could learn from this), but I am definitely the wing man in the group and am always bringing a bunch of girls to the group. But yeah I just go with the flow, hey. Where the night takes me is where I’m going. But I definitely prefer the club scene to hit on random girls because you will most likely never see them again, UNTIL they find you on twitter and ask you if, “You were doing magic tricks to random girls last night, because that was me.” (Um… magic tricks? I don’t know where to start.)

Can you tell when a girl’s in to you? How do we give ourselves away?

Yes I can, there are signs that I do read into but it’s not as obvious in the setting we are talking about; if a girl plays with her hair or fiddles with her drink or a necklace. Remember that 80% of what we are saying isn’t coming out of our mouth. It’s easy to read body language once you know what to look for.

There you have you it. Let’s get some feedback people! Do all guys feel this way? To be fair I have chatted with @QqlessPlz quite often and he seems like a nice guy. That still does not mean that pick-up lines work. I wanted to share a guy’s opinion and it was interesting to read it. Girls do seem to throw themselves around these days so why not give guys a run for their money? It makes life more interesting for all of us!



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  1. No, Pick-up lines not for me, maybe because I’m a man of few words, I don’t know, but don’t think I’ve ever used it before. Agreed with body language rather, much more save I think. When body language talks, the rest talks easier. 😉

  2. Hes right about using a pickup method as opposed to a line. It depends on the location and who you are with. Its all a state of mind. Body language is also very important because you can see who’s desperate and who’s just looking to have a good nite out. (hint, avoid the desperate ones).

  3. Pick up lines or pickup methods do work.

    The problem that women have with them are twofold:

    1. Women don’t like feeling out of control (generally speaking). During a great pick-up, the woman isn’t aware of what is going on and lives in the moment. Women like to believe that they will see any pick-up attempt a mile away — guess what, if it’s done well, you won’t

    2. Women think it cheapens things. It doesn’t. Society still dictates that men do the approaching and women accept or reject their advances. Pick-up is merely a means for men to be better at this.

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