Boobs… big or small?


The girls will know what I am talking about when I say no matter what size your bust is, if you wear anything that draws attention to the ladies the men will automatically gaze around that area when they talk to you. You can watch their heads drop every now and again as they force themselves to concentrate on your face. They may even catch themselves out and throw in a ‘nearly gave it away that time’ smile. Are they really to blame when your outfit screams look at my chest? It’s the same as wearing a short skirt. You are showing off some skin and people will look. Even when I talk to girls who have their boobs out I cannot help but look. I don’t know if its jealousy or curiosity or what, but they are there like a target in your face so you look. Being a girl I would make a comment about the cleavage on show so I don’t look like some weirdo!!!

The thing is do you prefer huge knockers or understated boobs? I suppose it is all down to preference, but just because you like big boobs doesn’t mean you should voice that in front of people who may not be well endowed in the chestal area. Yes, I just made up a word! I remember this one time sitting at a table out with my friends and this guy kept going on and on about how he was boob guy and the bigger the better. I was mortified trying to cover up my chest feeling worse and worse about myself. The next thing he turned to me and said ‘For you I would make and exception.’ Um, thanks? I managed to attract the big boob obsessed guy, my life is complete. My answer was ‘ Thanks, but I’m not willing to make an exception for you.’

As a small chested gal I understand why so many girls succumb to surgery. I will also eventually have it done and I cannot wait. Not that I will wear low tops because I am very uncomfortable with people talking to my chest. I think it is great when girls have this new found confidence, but at the same time don’t start flashing your new assets all over after a few drinks… those are still your nipples! Another thing is get the implants done for you. Do not get them because your partner wants you to. I remember this one douche bag telling his girlfriend in front of everyone that she is flat chested, which you could see, so he did not have to draw attention to that and how if she had implants she would look better. Um… zero points for tact moron! He had drilled it in to her head so much she sat there and agreed. His argument was should guys be honest or should they lie just to make you feel better… let me think… Who else wants to hit this guy? Of course you lie to make the person feel better because we are all so self obsessed anyways! I am not saying everyone is like that but for a few that are, maybe you should be more interested in who you girlfriend is than how big her breasts are? Is it just me who feels that way? You know what someone looks like before you start dating them so did you just date them to break them down one bit at a time?

We all know there is a big debate about whether big boobs or small boobs are better and to tell you the truth you hear so many different versions from so many different guys so I would really like an honest opinion! Girls, if you are happy with your small boobs or your big boobs let us know as well. If anyone has ever made you feel bad about your bust size tell us how it went down! Guys, if you like small boobs say why and if you like big boobs say why and if you really don’t care cause you are a butt man, well then we will have to write something special for you another time…



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  1. I love all boobs from big knockers to bee-stings.
    If I had to choose a size, I’s go for a medium-to-large ‘chestal’ area. Don’t get me wrong, a small pair of boobs with rocking nipples is good too!
    Now that I actually think about it… nipples are just as, if not, more important to me than the actual size of the boob…
    I also don’t like the massive porn-star melons that look like beach balls fighting in a condom.

  2. Personally, I would go for a girl’s character first. She has to be compassionate, playful and funny/cheeky. After that, admittedly, I’m a leg guy, so it’s legs I’d look at. Boobs are kinds just like an added bonus, big or small.

  3. From a girl’s perspective, big boobs are a pain in the, er, back. I have been saving up to have mine made smaller since the day a double d bra was too small.
    As somebody who takes what my job seriously, my, um, assets, are not really an asset.
    I reckon a guy who is really into his chick would prefer her to be comfortable, regardless of her breast size.

    • I know a few girls who have opted for a breast reduction because its almost as though people see your boobs before they see who you are. I also hear they hurt the back! I wouldn’t know. I have a handful! They don’t even hurt when I run.

  4. I like hand sized boobs. The thing about boobs is that they’re not there for the males benefit. They are there to feed babies. Does not mean that a man cannot enjoy them as well. I appreciate a nice bum more.

  5. all im saying is small boobs for the win… big boobs sag and have kak stretch marks… this is one instance where “your cup runneth over” is not good …. IMO ofcourse

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