Pedestrians… need I say more?


It is understandable that people need to walk across roads in order to get to where they are going sometimes, but it is too much to ask that they have some sense about it? In case you did not know a car can kill you. In fact if it hits you hard enough it could crack open your thick skull and dislodge your brain… if you have one that is. I am not sensitive about this subject and being both a pedestrian and a driver my opinion is valid. People are only joking when they say go and play in the traffic. It is not some kind of game, although in some areas you would think it is a sport with the way the people come out in droves waltzing across the road without a care in the world. I cannot emphasize enough that you are not invincible and glaring side ways at the driver will not stop a moving vehicle.

Do people know they need to look both ways before they cross a road and not glance and run in the hope that they miss the cars? I find myself hurling abuse at pedestrians everyday and their stupidity astounds me. You cross the road when the little man is green and not when he is red. Also, watch out for the turning lane! I agree as a driver you need to be vigilant, but you can also only do some much. If some tool-bag decides to run across the high-way and he lands up in front of your car that is his fault. I know there are charges involved and all, but can you imagine how traumatic that must be for the driver? My cousin ended up in a wheelchair because some stupid drunk pedestrian ran across the road and he was on his motorbike and the pedestrian ended up in pieces. It is a disgusting story, but people need to hear these things. Ever driven over a dead body? I have!

The government is trying to educate school children and help by building bridges over high-ways and enforcing laws that you may not cross freeways where there are no bridges. It cannot be working! Taxi’s most certainly do not help. They stop in the middle of the road and people try and dash across to get to them. How is that constructive? Taxi’s should be fined for stopping in areas that are not designated to them. 34% of road fatalities are pedestrians, 30% are drivers and 36% are passengers. Those statistics should be scary enough to make pedestrians more aware and careful when it comes to crossing the roads.

If a car was driving on the sidewalk then by all means have a go at them, because that area is designated to pedestrians, but if the car is in the road then mind your step and do not think your body can deflect a car. Do not touch peoples cars, or wink at them or give them a ‘just try it’ glare as you dawdle past their car at a green light, pedestrian crossing, in the middle of the road or at a stop street when it is their turn to go. Unless you are superman and your body can withstand the force of a car, keep you smug ass on the pavement where it belongs.



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