When to call.. When to NOT!


When I was a little rugrat we did not have things like cellphones and e-mail never mind twitter, facebook, bbm, whatsapp, skype and any other means to contact people. We had a land line and that was pretty much the quickest way to get hold of someone.  If they did not answer you did not suddenly freak out and call everyone they know to find out where they are you just waited until later and called again. These days with so many different ways and means to contact people it seems people have lost their manners and think it is alright to contact people whenever they want. This is not so and people should still have the decency to check the time before they contact someone. As someone who has a phone addiction  and slipped the other day by calling a friend during ‘Sunday nap time’ I feel I may need the therapy as much as any other phone addicts.

I used to get in to such trouble when I was younger and I used to sneak the house phone and call my friends on the weekends at certain times. If my dad heard me pick up the phone he used to tell me it was not an appropriate time to call, because parents tend to have afternoon power naps on the weekends. And God forbid anyone called to speak to me between the hours of 13:00 to 16:00 on a Saturday or Sunday and my Dad happened to answer the phone. He was rude in his own special way and I was given the evil eye which I knew meant ‘Tell you friends they may NEVER EVER call at these times on a weekend.’ I did. My dad may be a big teddy bear, but have you ever seen a big teddy bear pissed off? It is like that crazy bear in Toy Story 3 and I tell you what you do not mess with the pissed off teddy bear.

Enter the mobile phone… Life would change forever. You could stay in touch with your friends and your parents did not have to know about it. How perfect is that? At first it is great. you can chat until 2 in the morning or even at 3 in the afternoon, which makes you feel like a total rebel because you were never allowed to do that before! It was like freedom! With the move to Uni your freedom to chat to your friends whenever you wanted suddenly extended to calls at 5 or 6 in the morning. Life did not seem to get better than that. The thing is, there are always down sides to this… drunk dialing. Need I say more? All your friends are out and you are at home asleep and your phone rings, and rings and rings and rings and it doesn’t stop. 20 missed calls later you eventually pick up the phone and you cannot make out a single bloody word anyone is saying. Yes, there are about 20 people yelling at you telling them what a great time they are having and screaming the lyrics to a song you are sure is not what is actually playing. You know you could switch your phone off to avoid all this, but you don’t. Why don’t you switch you phone off? Because someone may has to get in touch with you about something important at 4 in the morning and you wouldn’t want to miss that.

What the hell is wrong with us? I can admit I am an absolute phone addict, but I can force myself to wait until at least 9 in the morning before I start calling my friends. When I called my friend the other day at her parents house at 14:00, because her battery had died on her mobile, I started freaking out as soon as it rang thinking ‘Dammit, I hope her parents are not sleeping!’ How many of us still do that? I find myself bbm’ing my friends at 2 in the morning. Not because it is an emergency, just because I have something to say and I want to say it before I forget. How selfish is that? I snap when people wake me up if I am napping with a stupid message asking me how I am or telling me something I really couldn’t care to know, but I do the exact same thing! How many of us can go out without our phones? Something that irritates me even more is when you get work calls and emails on the weekend, because you have a freaking smart phone. How are you supposed to switch off and relax? Wait until Monday you freaks!!! And your boss calls you whenever he wants, even if you are on holiday. Piss off! You give enough of your time at work to deserve a break. That is the last persons voice you want to hear when you are trying to take a break.

Just because you can get hold of people ALL THE TIME does not mean you should. I had better repeat that to myself until it sinks in. I haven’t touched my phone in 20 minutes and I can feel I need my fix. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed when there are people on skype, both my mobile phones, my land line, facebook chat and skype trying to contact me. Then again I do the same thing to other people and you get some people who if you do not respond to them immediately they are offended and freak out… I am sometimes guilty of that too. All I can say is have a little respect for when you do try and get in touch with someone. Don’t always assume the worst and sorry have to go… my phone is ringing!



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  1. Caller groups. I love that feature. Wrong ringtone outside of working hours and sorry, I don’t care if you pay my salary, you don’t pay me enough to have me at your beck and call 24/7/365.

    And I live for those times when I can just switch the stupid cellphone off, and have peace and quite. I guess I’m old enough to remember the times before cellphones with fondness, when you could escape…

    • So true! When I was working for someone I remember getting a call from my boss at the most ridiculous times and I just ignored it! What a selfish schmuck! I think more people should learn to have phone time out’s.. I can see how they ruin relationships.

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