The sad case of the ‘bully’


In a desperate attempt to prove you are macho and  a ‘some-one’ you go out of your way to abuse people who may be more timid than you. The really sad thing is that a bully probably has more issues than the average person but they do not know how to deal with those issues in a civilized and appropriate way. Bullying is their outlet for their out of control emotions. Does that mean you should pity the bully… I wouldn’t. As far as I am concerned  the last thing they deserve is pity. What they really need is to be psychologically evaluated so they can learn how to work through their issues instead of taking them out on other people. There are three kinds of bullying: Emotional; verbal; physical. The one is as bad as the other and the end result is the same. You kick your victims down and keep them there until they either fight back, you find someone weaker to pick on or you break someone to the point of no return!

We all know bullying happens even after school and it can happen wherever you would interact with other people. Bullies break their victim(s) down bit by bit and they enjoy watching the person slowly crumble. For the people out there who take the piss out of their friends only to try to make them look stupid in front of all your other friends and call it friendly banter, sorry to tell you, but it is bullying. You may think it is funny and you may not expect your friends to take it personally, but some people do and some of the comments are just plain unnecessary. You will even find men will form these ‘boy’s clubs’ in their companies and behave as if they belong to some elite group while they put everyone else around them down. Women are no exception. In fact, some women need to get their hormones in check, because the way they behave and treat other people in their work environment is shocking.

This subject is not often talked about because if you have been the victim of a bully you are embarrassed to talk about it and if you are a bully you either don’t realise you are or you do not classify what you are doing as bullying. I have a pretty strong personality and I never thought anyone would ever be able to put me down. I see now he is a fat, ugly jack-ass, but before I had no idea why I was the target of all his belittling comments. Was he threatened? Everyday was agonizing as I was told I was stupid and that I should shut-up and god forbid I have a pretty face because that man me a slut. Truth be told it took me getting out of that place to realise the reason my self-esteem was so low was because I allowed some turd to make me believe I was what he said I was. I was too polite in my approach with that jerk. Although, I get my satisfaction by reminding myself he is a worthless douche bag with a fat ass, ugly face and can you say B.O and halitosis!

The horrible thing is anyone can be a target for a bully no matter how strong you may be emotionally or physically. If a bully decides you are their target for whatever reason then you will always be in their line of fire. Some people actually believe that if you ignore someone for long enough they will go away, but when someone is that stupid I wouldn’t reach for the stars as far as hopes go. It shouldn’t matter who the person is, even if it’s your boss, you should stand up for yourself. If you are a bully I hope you get yours. Who else has been a victim? If you have noticed someone bullying other people what do you do?



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