Neighbors… where do you draw the line?


Unlike the hit TV-series  ‘friends’ we do not all have the luxury of living across from or next to really great people that you end up having life long friendships with.I am not saying it is impossible, but what do you do if you cross in to the friendship territory and then things go pear-shaped? Do you work out a timetable for when who is allowed in the hall, garden or lift? Do you move? It is not a fun situation to be in I can promise you that. People often say you should not be friends with your neighbors and you should keep the relationship down to ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye.’ I completely understand that, but what do you say if they invite you over? Do you politely decline every time and then they will just be insulted anyways? At the same time as the neighbor you should not harass your neighbors to join you. If you want to warn them that there may be noise that is a different story.

I have had annoying instances with neighbors and whether you are on good terms or not if you cannot respect that neighbors are still neighbors then there will be a problem. It is a mutual respect and as soon as you decide you are friendly enough to push the boundaries that is when you will get on the bad side of your neighbors. I suppose it is like any friendship really, some will last forever and some will not. At least with other people if the friendship ends badly you do not have to run in to them everyday where you live. Of course it works both ways. You have to see them and they have to see you. Let’s face it, when a friendship turns sour you try and avoid that person no matter how grown up you are. You are trying to avoid the awkwardness of bumping in to them and having to try and be nice when you really do not want to be.

What is the moral of the story? You should choose the middle ground which is become an acquainted if you must! You can make small talk if you bump in to your neighbors and all that and if you or they move away and you remain in contact then great! I know many people have made the mistake and many more will. Just because you live in the same area does not mean you are similar people. Also, it does not mean you keep the same company. We all want to get along, but it cannot always be like that. If you do have a good relationship with your neighbors I am very happy for you. If you do not get on well with your neighbors I empathize with you. It doesn’t mean either of you are bad people, it just means the only thing you have in common is you live near to each other.


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