Kids In a Restaurant


I can respect that you decided to have children. You may be immune to their obnoxious behavior, but what about the people out there who do not have children and are, therefore, not immune? You often see children running around causing havoc and the parents do not seem to notice how loud and annoying their children are because they have developed this great ability to switch off and cut that noise out. It must be the beginning of the development of selective hearing. When I am sitting in a restaurant I am not there to entertain your child. The operative word being YOUR! If your little rugrat hangs over the seats I will ignore it and if that does not make it go away I will tell it to go away.

I am a dog person. Not a child person and you would be surprised at how many people there are who do not actually like children. Maybe one day I will change my mind, but that is not today and I am not saying all children are bad. I know some children who are well behaved and lovely to be around, but I also know there are certain restaurants you do not take children to. Restaurants like Primi, Spur, Wimpy, Panarotis and I am sure there are more out there, are there to accommodate families. I know if I go to a place like that I will have to deal with the children running around stopping at every table for the attention the parents seem to be neglecting to give to them. Before anyone’s blood starts to boil and you think I am a child hater I understand children will be children and it is in their nature to run around and make noise. They can do that at home or in restaurants designed for children. If you cannot control your child get a baby sitter or take aways.

Now the problem is what do you do when someone else’s child keeps popping up over the seat to stare at you and pull faces at you? I swear when I talk and if you do not want your child to hear that keep them away from me. I am not going to apologize to you or your child for having a conversation with people at my table. We may also be talking about things children should not hear. Also, not my problem if your child wants to eve’s drop and start yelling out things we say. The last thing I will tolerate is some rampant parent having a go at me for minding my own business while their spawn picks their nose over my meal. If you have any sense you know children of a certain age become restless around sevenish when they need to go to bed so why take the poor child out? That seems selfish and a bit like bad parenting. If you take your child out make sure they can sleep in their pram or something instead of becoming over tired and driving everyone nuts instead of just you.

I know it sounds incredibly selfish, but isn’t that the point when you do not have children? You want to be selfish a little longer and not have to put up with the constant nagging. I feel sorry for some parents because their children are out of hand, but then learn to be stricter and make them listen to you. That does not mean become abusive with your child it just means when you say no, make sure they know that it does not mean maybe. If children know they can get their way by nagging that is exactly what they will do. We begin to manipulate people from an early age. Aside from children running around I have seen parents change their kids nappies at the table. That is unhygienic, disrespectful and just plain disgusting! I would not expect your child to grow up with manners if the parents do things like that. There is a reason there are change tables in bathrooms.

I know children do not know that they are annoying and I know I should probably have more patience, but it is your job to love your child, not mine or anyone else’s. Are there other people out there who feel the same way? I see parents glare at me when their child smiles at me and I turn my head the other way. I was standing in line once at Woolies with a bag of candy floss and this child started crying because she also wanted some and my dad said I was being cruel and should put it away, but I just laughed and so did the little girls father. He said she needs to learn no means no and I was so impressed I would have given him the bag of candy floss! My best was a woman who’s pram was blocking the change room isle while she walked around with her child and when I politely asked her to move it she snapped at me asking me where she should put it so I told her to take her child walking in a park and not a change room for starters. Maybe the children are not to blame and it is in fact the parents? Maybe, if I ever have my own little nightmare, I will be shocked in to the reality of parenthood…



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