The God complex


These days more and more professionals are beginning to think they are god’s gift to people and some of them sadly probably believe it is true. It started with doctors who can basically ‘kill you and bring you back to life’ so this makes them feel like they have some kind of great power; then pilots jumped on the wagon because they can fly, sportsmen and women and how could we forget political leaders! Now we can welcome a whole lot more professionals to the list. Some people do not even have to have a special skill to feel superior. To break it down, a god complex is when someone feels they are above the rules of society and can accomplish things the so-called ‘everyman’ cannot. Simply, they believe they are better that the average Joe. The funny thing is and if you have a god complex you will of course disagree, but it is commonly referred to as narcissism. For all those self-centered people out there please check your pulse. If you have one, you are still human and although you may believe it, you are no better than the person next to you.

Narcissistic personality disorder, more commonly know as ‘self-centeredness’, seems to be a growing epidemic in this day and age. If you thought it was just that some people have bigger ego’s than others it is that plus more. There are actually people out there whose ego’s are  inflated to the point where it is considered a disorder, just like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). A disorder means it is not normal! The symptoms of narcissism are very much how you would expect anyone with an ego to behave. They include: reacting to criticism with rage or shame; taking advantage of others for personal gain; having excess feelings of self-importance; hyperbolize achievements and talents; expect to be treated better than others by unreasonable standards; demand constant appreciation and attention; they are extremely selfish and disregard other people’s feelings. Does that sound like someone you would like to spend time with?

There are some people who have this disorder without having the professional qualification to add fuel to the fire. They are rude and think that their opinion is the only opinion that matters. Imagine a room full of pig-headed people like that? I do not know if a dose of their own medicine would help bring them down to earth or perpetuate the disorder? It is not something I am willing to try out. The best way to deal with people like that is to dismiss their arrogance and if they beg for more attention make it clear that they will not get it from you. When they start to annoy you just walk away. I think that would have the desired effect of ticking them off.

It is scary to think that people can be so deluded that they actually believe and behave as if they are superior beings. Money plays a big part in narcissism and you will find those people look down on others less fortunate than them instead of feeling sympathetic towards them. If you are one of those sad cases where your head is so far up your own backside you do not even realise that people cannot tolerate you and often walk away while you are bragging then I suggest you get some help. Get off your high-horse and come back down to earth. You may be pleasantly surprised by the everyday Joe and the fun you can have even when the world does not revolve around you.



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  1. Some very interesting points in the blog, but I’m not sure I agree with all your points. Chief of which is that I do not believe we are all equal…some people are — pure and simple — better than others. I won’t get started on what makes them better and whether or not that is a good thing or not…that’s an entirely different argument.

    I’m also not sure that narcissistic behaviour in SA is driven primarily by money. I think in our case it is driven by vanity based on appearances. Simply look at what the media dishes up in terms of our so called “celebs”…the flood of social media sites like FB and Twitter (and even blogs) with wannabe models, actors and entertainers…

    In some professions I actually like to see a little bit of arrogance. I like a confident specialist…hell there is a whole school of psychology that looks at the triggers that self confidence plays in peoples perceptions. Which doctor would you chose: the one who is unsure and says it may be x or y or the person who is very sure of themselves?

    • There is a difference between being sure of yourself and full of yourself. Confidence and arrogance should not seen as the same thing because they are not. that is what people forget.

      And about people being better than others, it is true some people come in to this world more fortunate than others, whether it be with their looks, financial backing or a skill they may have, but that does not make them better than anyone else it makes them luckier.

      Yes, I agree vanity is a big thing, but again there is a fine line between arrogance and confidence. You can be confident and be respected for it or arrogant and people won’t care what you have to say.

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