Mutton dressed as Lamb


Denial exists in many forms and one of them is when older women, who cannot accept that they are getting on, insist on wearing the most inappropriate attire. I mean inappropriate in the sense of it was not made for your generation yet you think you can pull it off. You are free to make your own choices in life and that includes deciding to look like you still think you are 21 when you clearly are not. That also gives other people the right to mock you and point fingers.  If you are 60 and you want to dress like a teenager then get ready for people to laugh at you. It happens everywhere in the world and I can tell you people think you are sad. So if you think you look hip and cool dressing sometimes 30 years too young than what you should be, just take another look at yourself and think again.

No one likes aging. It is something we all try to fight for as long as we possibly we can. Going in to the sun does not help with keeping your skin youthful and fresh for as long as possible. I think the worst combination is when you see mutton dressed as lamb and their skin looks like biltong and to top it off they will probably be wearing animal print, super high-heels and you may even be scarred by a camel-toe. Did any of that sound graceful or dignified to anyone? The point of aging gracefully is when you accept you can no longer where a mini-skirt or stuff your legs in to leggings. You do not, necessarily have to start wearing clothing that looks as though it was meant for really ugly curtains or carpets. All we ask is that you cover up respectively. Do you blame the people for making the clothes or the people who buy them and create the demand for more to be made? It’s tricky!

When I say cover up I do not mean slap a bottle of concealer on your face followed by exaggerated lip liner and the brightest color lip-stick you could find. Also, what is it with the multi-colored claws? They are already so long you can barely pick anything up and now you want to start coloring them all the colors of the rainbow? The color is not the problem, but pick one and stick to it. The combination of very long, multi-colored nails is just too much when you pair that with the animal print and exposed body parts. Blush is meant to be subtle and not two big pink blotches on your face. I think you understand what I am saying with regards to the make-up… subtlety goes a long way.

Please, what is up with the hair? Younger people with unnatural colors like purple and pink in their make for a great laugh so you can only imagine what you are doing to us if you are older and you do that. Even funnier than that are the crazy styles some people think look nice. A mullet, even a long mullet, has never been in. Go and add some green and blue to that look and you have yourself a walking joke! Also, whoever said the puffier the better should be smacked. Sometimes you would swear they are heading to dress up party. How could I forget the perfume?! You know when you walk past someone and they smell like a perfumery, because they have sprayed on nearly a quarter of the bottle? If you get to close you may choke from the strong, usually very sweet smell that does not suit the person. Take note: There is only supposed to be a hint of perfume.

Mutton dressed as lamb is the whole package gone wrong. When you see a true disaster they generally fall in to all of the above mentioned categories. I want to say people should stop doing this, but then again they are a source of laughter to many of us. If you know anyone who fits this title just remember they probably think they look fantastic and that people are staring at them because they are envious. The most important thing is to remember to dress for your body type and when it is time to say good-bye to those mini-skirts throw them out so the temptation to wear them again goes with them.


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  1. Awesome piece and you summed it up well. Looks like I am not alone with this whole mutton dressed as lamb issue after all. Dressing beautifully, aging gracefully and having a sensible and age-appropriate wardrobe matters the most rather than try to follow fashion trends only to end up being an Epic Fail instead.

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