Should poo be taboo…?



Bathroom Etiquette

You are in a new relationship or you have just made a new friend and you have slept over at their place. The morning has arrived with the much needed urge to… well, relieve yourself! You reluctantly agree to a cup of coffee even though you know it will make the urge to go even more severe. You start to get the poo sweats and you grind your teeth trying to take your mind off it. You start squirming around in an attempt to banish the pain until finally it goes away and you can breath again without the fear of anything slipping out. But why? There is a reason air freshener was invented and if it is that bad open a window. The point is it cannot be good for you to keep it in for too long and if you plan on being friends or living with your partner you will have to get over that fear very quickly.

That does not mean you should go out of your way to defecate when there are people around. Have some respect. An office where the bathroom is located near to where people work is not an appropriate place to drop a bomb and be all smug about the nasty smell that everyone has to deal with. What I am talking about are the people who live with their partner and do not go to the bathroom for days on end until they are constipated and walking around what can only be described as a poo baby. That is unhealthy. As far as work goes have the decency to go at home. We all have to do it, but we do not have to do it to make a point. I had a boss (not actually but he thought he was) who did that and all I thought was what a dirty, disrespectful pig!

Sure, poo is not the greatest topic of conversation. I mean who would not walk away if someone randomly started talking about it? Do not go out there and start using it as pick up line, because if you do not get smacked for that I will be surprised. I just think men need to get it our of their heads that girls do not do it. I do not understand how it could make someone less attractive, because let’s face it, no one looks good sitting on a toilet!

Aside from the cramps and discomfort brought on by constipation, holding in is not good for your body. Your colon remains in contact with the toxins in the feces for longer and when you hear the word toxins I am sure it does not bring the words puppies and hugs to mind. There is a reason it is supposed to come out. Sending your partner to stand outside while you do your thing is silly because they still know what you are doing. They market yogurt for keeping you regular so I say stop fighting nature guys, and especially the girls, and just let it come out natturally!


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