Splitting the bill!


It has been a great meal with interesting conversation, but the night has come to an end and it is time for the bill. Account, invoice, statement, check, whatever you wish to call it, but the bottom line is money needs to be paid by all who enjoyed this lovely evening. I do not know what it is about some people and money, but most people have a budget and just because some people may have a bigger budget that others does not mean they should have to pay for more than their share, unless they WILLINGLY offer to. By saying you would like to join you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of your friendship. That includes paying your way and if you honestly sit there waiting to get R5 back you should have just turned down the invitation, because at that point everyone is regretting having invited you.

There are many people out there who have this painful habit and it really is a mood killer. I have sat at tables where people just get up and leave without leaving any money behind. Sure, I have done it maybe once, twice is really pushing it and I remember calling my friend apologetically telling her to give me her bank details so I can transfer the money to pay her back. I am no leech or sponge or cheapskate and although money can be tight do a little calculation before you order so you know what you will owe at the end of the meal and do not forget to tip! No muss, no fuss. Then you know what you have to spend and you do not have to sit there calculating everything down to the last cent.

God forbid I mention just splitting the bill by however many people there are of you at the table! To be fair I understand you should not have to pay for someone else’s meal if they had lobster and you had, well, a plate of chips. The problem is you do get some trashy people out there who will wait for their friends or partner to pay for them and they will go ahead and order an expensive drink or an expensive meal. I do not know how you can feel fine by taking advantage of other people like that and even more so how you can let someone take advantage of you like that? When someone sees they can get a free ride and they are scum, they will jump on the for the ride as long as you allow them to. If they do it to you twice, just stop inviting them along!

The same concept applies to when people ask you to stop at the shop and pick something up for them for lunch or they ask you to buy a bottle of booze on the way to their place.You asked for it, thus, you should pay them back for it. I do not understand how this is a difficult concept for some people to grasp. Your friends are not your source of petty cash! The same goes for buying a round of drinks. I buy round one you buy round two.

At the end of the day the food was eaten and the drink was drunk so someone has to pay for it, otherwise you may end up doing dishes. Has this ever happened to you? Does it peeve you off? You should send this on to anyone who you feel behaves like this and maybe it will knock some sense in to them and even possibly some guilt for being such scavengers.


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