Assumptions are the mother of all…


If assumptions are the mother of all eff ups then surely we could say the same about false accusations? An accusation is a claim based on assumptions one believes to be true. Have you noticed that when someone is hell-bent on something they will go out of their way to prove it is true and they create tunnel vision for themselves. That is why we have to be very careful about the assumptions we make and although a first impression says a lot about a person it does take time to get to know people. I have picked a song today that relates to making uneducated assumptions about other people and accusing people of being a certain way just because you believe it is so! I figured when it comes to things like this a song always says it best so I will leave it up to Eric Clapton! In context he is singing about a relationship gone south, because of accusations and assumptions so listen to the man and take a look at yourself before you go blaming everyone else! If you haven’t guessed it yet, the best part of the lyrics are:

“Before you accuse me, Take a look at yourself.”



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